#102: 10 Days in Borneo (Featuring Le Boyfriend!)

The boyfriend (Joseph) makes his podcast debut! We chat about our 10-day trip to Borneo, including: our itinerary traveling as a couple almost missing our flight the most ridiculous hike of our lives how it was being vegan in Borneo our quest to get our SCUBA LICENSE! Advertisements


#97: 3 Days In Singapore

I recently spent 3 glamorous days in Singapore with my coworkers, and it was pretty much the exact opposite of my backpacking experience. Some of what I share: What I ate The night safari fiasco My thoughts on the city & tips for you Subscribe on Apple Podcasts ¦ Google Play ¦ Stitcher  BECOME A PATRON: patreon.com/nobullpodcast MY SOCIAL LINKS: Follow … More #97: 3 Days In Singapore