#133: Places We’ll Never Return to

This week we’re going a bit pessimistic, a little dark. We’re sharing the places Joseph and I have visited in the past but were not the biggest fans of and would not like to visit again. We also discuss the places that one of us is really keen to visit, while the other would rather … More #133: Places We’ll Never Return to

#97: 3 Days In Singapore

I recently spent 3 glamorous days in Singapore with my coworkers, and it was pretty much the exact opposite of my backpacking experience. Some of what I share: What I ate The night safari fiasco My thoughts on the city & tips for you Subscribe on Apple Podcasts ¦ Google Play ¦ Stitcher  BECOME A PATRON: patreon.com/nobullpodcast MY SOCIAL LINKS: Follow … More #97: 3 Days In Singapore