#66: Solo Travel (So Far)

I give an update on how I’ve been since I embarked on my long-term solo travel trip. Some of the things I explain are: How I’ve been dealing with loneliness/sadness How I’ve been exercising How I’ve made friends What I’ve been eating How I’ve been budgeting Negatives/positives of solo travel Listen onApple Podcasts ¦ Google Play  BECOME … More #66: Solo Travel (So Far)

#68: Vegan in Taiwan With Sidney Hsu (Taiwan Interview #2)

Sidney is one of the leaders of the Taiwan vegan community. She organizes vegan meet ups & food festivals, and has her own PETA-certified apparel brand, Vnicorn. I interviewed her in her home in Taipei, where we chat about how she got into the fashion world, animal cruelty in Taiwan/Asia, the meaning of the word … More #68: Vegan in Taiwan With Sidney Hsu (Taiwan Interview #2)