#58: The Taper: Is It Necessary?

Wow it’s finally taper time in my marathon training and I gotta say I’m pretty excited about it. BUT before I get into my whole taper spiel, I give you the low-down on my last big long run I had last weekend– the dreaded 20 miler. It was a DOOZY; I ran 7 miles followed … More #58: The Taper: Is It Necessary?


#30: What Is Recovery?

Everyone talks about recovery, but what is it exactly? In this episode I discuss the definition of recovery, tips on how to recover faster, and what NOT to do for optimal recovery. I also get into my own mistakes/shortcomings when it comes to recovery. You can listen on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/running-vegan-nyc Intro/outro music by Ellis Delta: soundcloud.com/ellisdelta … More #30: What Is Recovery?

#5: Running Fuel

I talk about how I’m feeling for the NYC marathon, go into detail about how I fuel depending on the workout, and give a tip on how to change up your usual PB&J.

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Music by Ellis Delta: https://soundcloud.com/ellisdelta … More #5: Running Fuel