#89: Untold Stories/Life Update (Pt 1)

HELLO! It’s me. On the podcast. It’s been WAY too long and frankly, I’m ashamed. I definitely fell hard off the wagon and then into a deep coma… and am now being dispatched from the hospital. I am back! On the wagon! In this week’s episode, I tell some untold (love) stories and catch you … More #89: Untold Stories/Life Update (Pt 1)

Overdue Laos Pics

These are all from last month, taken on Mateus’ nice camera. He kindly sent them over to me recently, so I thought I’d share. Just a bit of background: I met Adrian, Falko, and Mateus in Vientiane, Laos. I basically approached them on the street and asked if I could join whatever they were doing. … More Overdue Laos Pics