#174: Condomgate, Matt Hancock

This week on the podcast, we discuss: My new obsession with Euros Condomgate at the Tokyo Olympics Vaccine discounts at Japanese hotels The Matt Hancock scandal, and how to know who ‘the one’ is #AskJoanna: If YOU have any questions about being in a mixed-race, culture, or diet relationship, or about living abroad, please leave … More #174: Condomgate, Matt Hancock

#105: Best & Worst Date Spots In Tokyo

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today I am sharing the best date spots in Tokyo along with special guest Joseph! We tried our best to share more off-the-beaten-path, atypical places that you can’t find with a simple Google search. We also share the most overrated date spots that should be avoided. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts ¦ Google Play ¦ Stitcher  … More #105: Best & Worst Date Spots In Tokyo

#64: Dating in New York (W/ Tim & Crystal!)

Dating in New York… well, it sucks. In today’s episode, I catch up with my two friends Tim (@cherry_timato) and Crystal (@veganeatsnyc). Tim is a single college student, and Crystal is a taken recent graduate of NYU. We chat about dating apps, ghosting, worst first dates, being gay in college, work-life balance, and so much … More #64: Dating in New York (W/ Tim & Crystal!)

#21: Online Dating

Today’s episode topic is a tad off-brand in that it’s not related to health/fitness. However, it’s one that I think is relevant for a lot of you, so I figured it might be fun to talk about it.

I share my overall thoughts on online dating, the ghosting phenomenon, first date stories, and more.

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More #21: Online Dating