#166: Learning to speak Global English

We open the podcast with a discussion about sharing on social media. How do you strike the balance between creating a connection with an audience and oversharing? We then dive into a discussion on global English, and the unexpected difficulties English speakers face when working with a global team. Joseph also shares his experiences as … More #166: Learning to speak Global English

#146: Expectations vs. Reality of London Life

Before moving from Japan, we had certain expectations about living in London. Today, we share some of these expectations (like the weather, people, cost of living, food) and whether they reflect reality. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts ¦ Google Play ¦ Stitcher  MY SOCIAL LINKS:Follow me on Instagram: @annawildmanTweet at me: @wildmannaEmail me: annanwildman@gmail.comYouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/annawildman Intro/outro music by earthchain: soundcloud.com/earthchain Show Notes:  Cafe Tiffin: https://cafetiffin.com/ Purezza: https://purezza.co.uk/

#116: Japan’s Biggest Quirks – Pt. 2 + Planet of the Humans Review

Joseph and I share more of the strangest and sometimes paradoxical aspects of Japan, as two people from western countries (France & the U.S.). We also talk about Michael Moore’s new climate change documentary Planet of The Humans, and discuss what we thought they did well and what they missed. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts ¦ Google Play ¦ Stitcher  … More #116: Japan’s Biggest Quirks – Pt. 2 + Planet of the Humans Review