How & Why I Meal Prep

If you follow me on Instagram (@runningvegannyc), you may have noticed that I started posting weekly meal prep photos. Someone recently commented asking me to do a blog post on how I meal prep and the benefits of it, so here it is. (Shout out to Chloe for the suggestion! @chloeunguyen 😉)


This week I made my debut on the YouTube scene with my channel, RunningVeganNYC! It’s an extension of my Instagram and blog– still health/fitness stuff, but unscripted and off-the-cuff. I’ll be sharing vegan recipes and products, running/fitness tips, and probably a handful of random musings mixed in for good measure.

BBG round one review

I finished my final week of BBG last Friday. Wahoo! It was basically three months of endless burpees, pushups and SWEAT! I’ve mentioned BBG (Bikini Body Guide) a few times on the blog, but for the unfamiliar, BBG is Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsine’s downloadable fitness guide. It’s a 12 week program, and each week … More BBG round one review