10 NYC restaurants for vegans and non-vegans alike

It’s the weekend, and you and your friends are trying to decide what restaurant to go to. You’re vegan so you of course love going out to places like Franchia, Peacefood Cafe and Buddha Boddai. However, you’re the only vegan one in your group of friends. Where can you go that will leave everyone satisfied? 


This week I made my debut on the YouTube scene with my channel, RunningVeganNYC! It’s an extension of my Instagram and blog– still health/fitness stuff, but unscripted and off-the-cuff. I’ll be sharing vegan recipes and products, running/fitness tips, and probably a handful of random musings mixed in for good measure.

Vegan in Guatemala

It was surprisingly easy to be vegan in Guatemala. With countless fruit/smoothie bars and locally-sourced, health-conscious places, I was rarely stressed about finding something to eat.   It also helped that I was traveling alone. I would have felt bad dragging non-vegan companions to plant-based restaurants for every meal, but I had a great time … More Vegan in Guatemala

BBG round one review

I finished my final week of BBG last Friday. Wahoo! It was basically three months of endless burpees, pushups and SWEAT! I’ve mentioned BBG (Bikini Body Guide) a few times on the blog, but for the unfamiliar, BBG is Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsine’s downloadable fitness guide. It’s a 12 week program, and each week … More BBG round one review

Injuries: As much a part of running as the shoes

I’ve dealt with injuries, mainly involving my knees, ever since I began running races. Every round of half or full marathon training has been marked by an injury at one point or another. It varies each time, too. Sometimes the pain is in my right knee, sometimes my left, sometimes only when sitting, other times only when … More Injuries: As much a part of running as the shoes