#72: Sober Backpacker Nick

Nick is an Australian who recently decided to be 100% sober after going through a series of life-altering events. Our conversation is certainly dramatic and wide-ranging, but it’s also thought-provoking, raw, and fascinating. Some of what we talk about: His drinking habits in early 20s His trip that caused permanent implications How meditation changed his … More #72: Sober Backpacker Nick

#71: Backpacking Solo In The Philippines & Thailand

After spending about 6 weeks in the Philippines and Thailand combined, I came away with a lot of thoughts/opinions. Today, I share them. Some of what I talk about: Which country I enjoyed more Similarities/differences What I spent most money on in each country How people treated me My favorite foods Balancing social media and … More #71: Backpacking Solo In The Philippines & Thailand