#60: Why & How I Quit My Job To Travel

Cat’s outa the bag… I am officially leaving NYC to travel for an indefinite amount of time! In this episode I share what made me want to do this, how my parents reacted when I told them, how I quit my job, where I plan on going, big surprise expenses, and more. Listen on Apple … More #60: Why & How I Quit My Job To Travel

#37: Don’t Be Afraid To Change (w/ Jocelynne Flor)

This week we have Jocelynne back in the studio to talk about CHANGE! We talk about how to know when to change yourself, your “brand,” your interests, and more. We also dish out our own insecurities, tips on how to grow your platform, how to be #real, likes/dislikes of social media, and MORE! Listen on … More #37: Don’t Be Afraid To Change (w/ Jocelynne Flor)

#31: Crystal Pang Can Find Vegan Food Anywhere (@veganeatsnyc)

This week we have NYC’s biggest and baddest vegan foodie: Crystal Pang, aka Vegan Eats NYC. She’s a Queens native, NYU student, and magician; she can find vegan food at the most unlikely locations. We chat about growing up in Queens, her Singaporean background, finding vegetarianism as a prepubescent girl, her cooking failures, and more. Listen … More #31: Crystal Pang Can Find Vegan Food Anywhere (@veganeatsnyc)

#25: Jocelynne Flor

Joc (aka bok joy) is someone who I would describe as a badass wellness/fitness blogger.

She and I met for the first time last weekend in Montreal. In between exploring and eating our way around the city, we had a chance to sit down and record a convo about her Filipino upbringing, cheerleading, being a beach body coach, blogging and more.

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