#84: Down To Earth Bali’s Liat Solomon

Liat is the lady boss behind many of Bali’s best vegan restaurants, including Earth Cafe, Zula, and Divine Earth. She came to Bali in the late 90s, opened her first restaurant in 2002, and has stayed in Bali ever since. In addition to running DTE, she is also a trained nutritionist, macrobiotic educator, counsellor and … More #84: Down To Earth Bali’s Liat Solomon

#82: Actor/Photographer/Yogi Langston Hues (Bali Interview #1)

Langston Hues grew up in Detroit, almost died as a baby, and almost became a doctor as an adult. But he decided to complete scrap that plan and go on a world tour, photographing women in hijabs as part of a modest street fashion project. That then led to him moving to Indonesia where he … More #82: Actor/Photographer/Yogi Langston Hues (Bali Interview #1)

5/18/18: Bad Curry

I went up to the roof of my hostel, Borough Capsule Hostel, for breakfast around 6:45, but no one was there yet. I sat down and started blogging, figuring someone would come up sooner or later. Around 5 minutes later, a lady showed up and started setting up the breakfast. It was toast with jam, … More 5/18/18: Bad Curry