7/11/18: Wait, Slovenia Isn’t Slovakia?

Our free hostel at Hi Lanka breakfast included toast with jam, bananas, plus my own almond butter. Hostel breakfasts are always the same. We wanted to go to Pedro Tea Plantation, but it was raining so much that we ended up just hanging out in bed until noon. At that point we were hungry, so … More 7/11/18: Wait, Slovenia Isn’t Slovakia?

5/18/18: Bad Curry

I went up to the roof of my hostel, Borough Capsule Hostel, for breakfast around 6:45, but no one was there yet. I sat down and started blogging, figuring someone would come up sooner or later. Around 5 minutes later, a lady showed up and started setting up the breakfast. It was toast with jam, … More 5/18/18: Bad Curry

#78: Mad Monkey’s Claire Casher

Mad Monkey is a backpacker hostel chain in Southeast Asia, and Claire is their communications director. They currently have 7 hostels throughout Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, and Australia. Claire lived in Canada for most of her life before she caught the travel bug and started traveling the world, eventually settling down in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where … More #78: Mad Monkey’s Claire Casher

#75: Everything You Need To Know Before You Travel Solo (Pt 1)

These are the questions I had for myself before I embarked on my solo travel trip. Many of you who are thinking of doing something similar probably have the same questions, so I hope this helps calm some of your nerves! A few of them more more specific to me (e.g. what to do with … More #75: Everything You Need To Know Before You Travel Solo (Pt 1)