My Favorite TV Shows of 2016

Since 2016 was such a fantastic year for television, I thought I’d do a round-up of my favorite TV shows. I separated them by genre, and starred the ones that are must-sees. DRAMAS/THRILLERS The Night Of (HBO): A Pakistani-American is accused of murdering a young white female. Stars John Turturro. Black Mirror* (Netflix): British anthology series about … More My Favorite TV Shows of 2016


How & Why I Meal Prep

If you follow me on Instagram (@runningvegannyc), you may have noticed that I started posting weekly meal prep photos. Someone recently commented asking me to do a blog post on how I meal prep and the benefits of it, so here it is. (Shout out to Chloe for the suggestion! @chloeunguyen 😉)

I’m Starting A Podcast (!!)

I’ve been obsessed with podcasts for the last year or so (see exhibit A and exhibit B), and I’ve been thinking about starting my own one for the last few months. It’s an idea I just can’t seem to shake. And when you can’t get something out of your head, it’s a sign that it’s worth pursuing.