#128: Our Long Distance (Familial) Relationships

Throughout our adult lives, both Joseph and I have had to deal with being thousands of miles apart from our families for long stretches of time. We talk about how we cope, how we stay in touch with family members, and our fears of how this could affect us. We also talk about a great vegan-friendly izakaya we discovered in our neighborhood, and why I may be keeping some distance from Joseph lately. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts ¦ Google Play ¦ Stitcher  BECOME A PATRON: patreon.com/nobullpodcast MY SOCIAL LINKS: Follow me on Instagram: @annawildman Tweet at me: @wildmanna Email me: annanwildman@gmail.com YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/annawildman Join me on a vegan food tour! foodiejapan.com/tour-item/vegan-lunch-tour/  Intro/outro music by earthchain: soundcloud.com/earthchain 

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