7/19/18: Food, Beach, More Food (Unawatuna, Sri Lanka)

I woke up at 6:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep. I read my book and waited for Adrian to wake up.

Around 8:30, we went out to the lobby area to have breakfast. Michael, the hostel worker, made us omelettes and bread. I gave my omelette to Adrian and ate my bread with bananas and almond butter.

Michael told us he was making pancakes for another guest whose birthday was that day, so we stuck around for second breakfast.

Around 9:30, the girl came out with her friend and we all had pancakes (more like crepes) with jam and sweetened coconut flakes. So good.

Adrian and I had to pack up and move guesthouses because our room was taken for the night. Our new guesthouse was about a minute walk away, so it was easy.

We checked in to Hansa Villa and chilled for a while. I was tired from the lack of sleep.

Around noon, we left to go to jungle beach. The first part was just walking on normal gravel roads, but then we started on a more dirt track and eventually got into the jungle. A lot of it was uphill, so I found myself out of breath at times. I should have brought bug spray— there were mosquitoes everywhere.


About 30 minutes later, we got to the beach. It was small and quiet, and there were around 15 others there.

We put our stuff down and went out for a swim. It was surprisingly deep and the waves weren’t as cam as I was hoping.


I was hungry so I bought a smoothie from a random guy selling them on the beach. Adrian and I both got banana and passion fruit, and they were good.


We laid out for a while, me reading and Adrian listening to music. It started to rain a bit and I put my book away, waiting to see if the rain would pick up or not. A few minutes later, the rain ended and I went on reading. And then it started drizzling again. This cycle of start-and-stop continued for a few minutes. At one point, the rain was actually a bit heavy so we packed up our stuff and got ready to go.

We wanted to get some food, so we headed to the “Jungle Beach Restaurant Inn” that we had seen a sign for. The restaurant turned out to be under construction, and we didn’t want to eat with drill sounds around us the entire time so we left.

We decided to just go back to jungle beach since it was sunny again.

We swam again and then laid out. I read a little and then ended up taking a nap. It’d been a while since I’d fallen asleep under the sun. Luckily, the sun wasn’t too strong so it was quite comfortable.

Around 3:30, we started walking back to town.

On the way, we decided to go check out the “panorama” path that we had seen on the map.

It led us to a rocky beach with a bunch of boulders you could climb on and over. The waves were MASSIVE and would produce these insane splashes whenever they hit the rocks. It was a bit scary at times.


We hung out there, staring at the crazy waves, taking pictures, and climbing around, for a while.

The rocks were really cool!!

We stopped by the guesthouse to quickly rinse off before heading to Jina’s Vegetarian Restaurant for a snack. I had seen that they had vegan chocolate cake, and I really wanted to try it.

It was sparse on the employee front. Probably because it was such an odd time (about 4:30).

I asked for the chocolate cake, and they told me they were out. Ugh.

We decided to just go somewhere else for food because the cake was the only thing I really wanted, and their menu items were pretty pricey so it didn’t make sense to get other food and spend a bunch of money unnecessarily.

We ended up at a small roti shop down the road. I didn’t want roti since I had crepes and bread for breakfast, so Adrian and I shared a fried rice.

We went back to our guesthouse and planned out where to go/stay the next day. We decided on Yala National Park, which was about a 4 hour drive away. We found a place with treehouse rooms!! I was so excited.

We went out for dinner around 7. We wanted to get out of our little tourist strip and onto the big, main road. We figured we’d find more local food and local prices if we just went a bit farther away.

We were right— just steps away from the tourist road (with all the hotels and cafes) was a local “hotel” (restaurant). We ordered veggie kottu.

The kottu was huge and quite oily but I ended up eating it all. I was so full after I could barely move. The total for 2 kottus and 1 big water bottle was 530, about $3. I can’t get over how cheap the food is here.


We stopped by a fruit store on the way home. We wanted some for breakfast the next day.

We got 2 mangosteens, a mango, 2 passion fruits, and a pineapple for 460 rupees (about $3). Crazy! They also gave us samplings of mango, soursop (so good), banana, and rambutan. The guys working there were so generous. And kind! They even cut up our pineapple for us.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Huge jackfruit!!

There was a guy selling a bunch of bracelets and necklaces on the street. We stopped by so Adrian could get a gift for his friend. The owner was super enthusiastic and wanted to show us everything. I felt bad because he was taking entire rows of jewelry off the racks and dumping them out onto the counter to show us the different types. I knew we probably wouldn’t buy any and he’d just have to put everything back.

In the end, we walked away empty handed. The designs just weren’t that great.

We got back around 9:30 and I was already exhausted.

We began to watch “Up In The Air,” which Adrian had downloaded on his phone. The WiFi was too slow to stream anything, so we’d have to just watch from the small phone screen. I got through about 20 minutes before my eyes started to shut. I really wanted to watch it, but my body just wouldn’t cooperate with me. I couldn’t fight the sleep, and 10 minutes later I dozed off for good.

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