7/17/18: Boring Biryani

I was going to run right after I woke up at 6:45, but it was pouring out so I stayed in.

Around 7:30, the rain had stopped so I decided to go out for a short jog.
I ran through the nearby village in Hatton and then came back to the guesthouse, Niwasa House, at 8 for breakfast.

It was toast with some fruit.

We packed up and the guesthouse owner drove us to the bus station, which was really nice of him.

There was an AC bus leaving for Colombo at 10:15. We decided to take it since it’d be faster and more comfortable than the normal public bus.

It was 9:30, so we still had 45 minutes to spare. We walked around the station, looking for some bus snacks (even though we already had quite a lot hehe). There were some ladoo (lentil) balls that looked good, so we bought 4.

The bus slowly filled up until it was completely full. We actually left right on time at 10:15!! That never happens here. Crazy.

The whole ride was just winding road after winding road. I don’t get car sick, but even I was eager to be back on normal roads.

We got to Colombo around 2:30, but we were still about 10 km away from our guesthouse. We got on another public bus and waited for it to get going. We thought about ubering since we had to be at the Tuk Tuk Rental office at 4 for our driving lesson. As we were contemplating, the bus began to move so we just stayed on.

We got off the bus around 3:20 and were at Mount Lavinia Home Stay by 3:30. We were both stressed and hangry since we had skipped lunch.

We quickly put our stuff away and got ready to walk over to Tuk Tuk Rental’s office.

We wanted to get a snack on the way, but we saw none of the short eats (like ladoo, triangle roti, veggie rolls) that we normally do.

You see them in every town and village all across the country, and then when you need them most, in the biggest city of the whole nation, they are nowhere to be found. I guess that’s life.

We just went to a supermarket and got crackers.

We got to the office and sat down for a bit before we were shown a driving video that tells you all about the tuk tuk. What to do when a cop pulls you over or when an accident happens, road rules, etc.

When that was over, we had to wait for an available tuk-tuk to practice driving around.

I had pre-arranged plans to interview Wietse, the managing director of the company, for the No Bull podcast, so we did that as we waited for the tuk-tuk.

We recorded on the rooftop. It was really cool getting to know Wietse, a Dutch guy who moved around a lot as a kid. His story is similar to mine, growing up abroad and moving around a lot. It’s always nice to meet others with a similar upbringing, so I really enjoyed our chat.

I waited for Adrian to be done with his lesson and then we walked back to the guesthouse.

We left for dinner around 7. We walked into a few places— some had no seating, others didn’t have enough curry choices— before finally sitting down at a biryani place. We asked for veggie biryani, which turned out to be just a bowl of seasoned rice. We were pretty disappointed since we wanted a nice meal after eating nothing all day.

But at least the rice was basmati, which was a nice change from the normal soft white rice we usually get.

We asked for some daal, and they brought out a bowl for us. We poured it over the rice, which made it a lot better.

They also gave us chickpea curry, which was really good as well.

We paid 800 rupees for the whole meal, which is a lot more than we normally pay. I wonder why biryani is more expensive than other dishes.

We walked back to the guesthouse and watched Knocked Up. I fell asleep watching it. Of course.

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