7/16/18: Adam’s Peak Fail

We weren’t sure what to do once we were awake. Do we stay in Nallathaniya and see if we can do the hike to Adam’s Peak, or go back to Hatton so that our trip back to Colombo on the 17th is a bit shorter?

The weather wasn’t looking any better, so we asked the guesthouse owner if we could check out one day earlier.

He told us we could, so that was a relief.

Cute guesthouse doggie

I also found out his wife is Japanese. That explains all the Japanese miso, Japanese sesame oil, Japanese soy sauce, Japanese dressing, etc etc in the fridge.  He told me he doesn’t speak Japanese yet, but that he wants to learn when he goes to Japan in the fall.

We ate breakfast at the guesthouse— roti, hoppers, dahl, coconut sambal, and some fruit— and then got a tuk tuk driver to take us to Maskeliya.


I was sad to leave town without having done what we wanted to do, but it’s ok. Sometimes things don’t work out perfectly.

The bus to Hatton left shortly after we got to Maskeliya, and we got to our guesthouse in Hatton around 1:30.

It’s crazy that it took 2 hours to get to Hatton even though it’s only about 20 km away. Plus we took a tuk-tuk for part of it, so it wasn’t even all public transport.

I blogged for a bit at the hostel.

Around 4, I was finally hungry since that morning’s huge breakfast, so we went to town to get food.

We walked into a random restaurant and ordered fried rice and water. The total was 300 rupees ($2). Which means the fried rice was only 70 cents each. Insane.

We decided to walk around a bit since it wasn’t raining anymore. The lake and waterfalls were too far to walk to, so we decided to just wander around.

We ended up going down a random road, which led to a tea plantation. It turned out to be a really nice walk. Sometimes you don’t need to plan in order to see something beautiful. Especially in a lush country like Sri Lanka.


We bought rambutan, mangosteen, banana, pineapple, and some roti triangles on our way back home.

I read my book (The Wind Up Bird Chronicle) while Adrian did some exercises in the room.

Then I cut up our pineapple (which was so juicy and sweet) and we ate it while watching “The Matrix.” It was my first time watching it!

I went to bed after the movie. I even almost slept while watching it. I’m not sure why I was so tired. I didn’t really do much all day.

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