7/14/18: 2 Hikes, 1 Day

The alarm went off at 5. We were on our way to Little Adam’s Peak by 5:15. We got to the first main viewpoint at 5:30, and then went a bit further to the second, more secluded viewpoint that I was at the day before.


There were a few others there. It was still really quiet though, so it was fine.

We couldn’t actually see the sunrise because the mountain next to us was blocking it, but it was still a pretty sight. The lighting in the morning is always amazing.

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We went back to the guesthouse around 7 and got breakfast at 7:30. It was another excessively huge feast. And again like yesterday, we went back to bed after breakfast.


We had to check out by 11, so we packed up and then walked 2 minutes to our new guesthouse, Manaram Guest Inn (we had to move since our guesthouse was fully booked for the night).

We dropped our stuff in our new room and sat in the front area with some tea given to us by the hosts.

Our plan for the rest of the day was to do the Ella Rock trek. We were originally going to take a tuk tuk to the starting point, but I decided last minute to check online to see the best way to get there.

That’s how I realized that you’re supposed to just walk along the train tracks, which leads to the trail that takes you to the viewpoint.

We got going around 11:30, picking up bananas and potato-stuffed roti triangles on the way.

Just as we were entering the path to the Rock from the train tracks, we met some nice girls who were exiting the path. They told us there were multiple forks in the road, and they gave us some pointers on which ones to take. I also had some screenshots saved from the blogs I had read about the trek, so those helped too.

After a few brief wrong turns, we eventually got to the main trekking path around 12:30. From there, it was a steep, 30-minute climb to the top. It was hard, but not that long so I wasn’t dying.

Starting the steep climb!


We got to the top and chilled at the viewpoint for a bit. There were quite a few people there— both foreign and local— so it wasn’t exactly the most peaceful. We ate our roti triangles and then continued on to another path leading deeper into the forest.

The top!

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We followed it for about 10 minutes, and eventually reached another viewpoint. This one was completely empty. It was so nice having the entire area to ourselves. We could take as many photos as we wanted and do whatever we wanted.

Path to second viewpoint

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We walked back down after that. By the time we got back to the train tracks, we were exhausted.

I was shocked that neither Ella Rock nor Little Adam’s Peak had entrance fees. Everywhere we’d been to thus far in Sri Lanka— from forests to city parks— have had entrance fees, so it was a bit odd that two really popular tourist attractions had no fees at all. Not complaining, though. Just strange.

Crazy hand-shaped tree trunk!


Train passing by us on the way home:

We got home around 4:30 and were greeted with tea from the hosts. We sat, showered, and then left for dinner around 6. Our original plan was to get food at a place where we could also watch the 3rd place finals of the World Cup, but we were both too tired to bother staying out. Instead, we just got dinner from our usual spot, Raha Cafe, and went home.

We watched the first half of the game on my laptop, but it was so boring that we switched to “He’s Just Not That Into You” on Netflix instead. It was way funnier than I remembered it being. And oh my god the cast!! Every single person is famous in that movie.

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