7/13/18: Hiking, Walking, Eating (A Lot)

We had to wake up at 8, as this was the time we told the hotel owner we wanted breakfast. We were a bit hungover and very tired. We’d only slept about 5 hours.

The breakfast was HUGE. I really can’t tell if breakfasts here are always this big, if they’re feeding us because they think we eat this much normally, or if they always give this much food with the understanding that you don’t actually eat it all. But we didn’t want to waste food, so we ate almost all of it.

The spread
Avocado shake!

We went back to bed promptly after breakfast. About an hour later, I got up and I blogged. I finally had good enough wifi to be able to upload photos to the blog, so I needed to take advantage.

Around 11:30, we made our way to Little Adam’s Peak.
It took about 20 minutes to get from our guesthouse to the top, and it was really beautiful.

On the way


At the top


I wanted to get to a second viewpoint a bit away from the crowds, but it involved a bit of steep descending/climbing. Adrian decided to stay back since he was tired, and I kept going.

On the way to viewpoint 2


Once I was there, I took in the views and then asked a nice Dutch couple to take a photo of me. They also asked me to take photos of them in return, and I was happy to do so. It always makes me feel better when it’s a two-way exchange. I feel less vain that way.

View from viewpoint 2

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I climbed back down and met Adrian at the guesthouse.

I was starving at this point, so we went into town for lunch. We decided to try out a local-looking place called Raha Cafe. It was a really good decision— I got rice and curry, which came with five different types of delicious vegetarian curry. So worth the 450 rupees.


We were thinking about going to Ella Rock, but it was too late for that. The hike is supposed to take about 2 hours, so we decided to just tackle that another day.

After lunch, we went to the 9 Arches Bridge, which is a bridge (good for Instagram), but also an area where you can walk along the train tracks. The tracks are active— as in there are trains running on them— so it’s a bit scary. However, the trains let you know they’re coming a while before they get to you, so it would be quite difficult to actually get run over by one.


Douches walking around with their shirts off

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We ended up walking all the way to Ella train station, and then walked home on normal roads from there.

Taking pics of some animal hah

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Cute old couple

We relaxed and researched how to get to Adam’s Peak (the big one), and then went to dinner at the same place as lunch (Raha Cafe). Everything there is seriously so good. We got masala dosa and roti with onion sambal, both of which we shared, and I was in heaven. I am so glad we found this cafe early. It’s rare that you find a place with consistently good food at cheap prices.


Huge dosa!

When we got back to the guesthouse, we asked if we could extend our stay one more night. The owner told us it was fully booked, so we’d have to find a new place. Ugh! I hate when that happens.

Once we found a new place to stay for the next night, we showered, watched Queer Eye, and went to bed. We were getting up at 5 am to hike to little Adam’s Peak again for sunrise, so an early bedtime was necessary.

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