7/9/18: Wild Pelican (Kandy, Sri Lanka)

We had breakfast at our hotel in Matale again, and once more it was humongous and way too much food.


We packed up and went down to the office. One of the employees had to call over the boss, and we waited a while for him. Once he got there, we told him our plan to take the bus to Kandy and then train to Nuwara Eliya. He told us we should take the morning train the next day.

So then we had to decide whether to stay in Matale for the day, or go to Kandy. We decided to go to Kandy since there was more to do there.

Once we booked a hotel, we caught the bus to Kandy.

Once we got off, we had to walk through a crazy congested bus station to get to the hostel, Kandy City Rooms & Hostel. The air was horrible and Adrian was so stressed from all the buses and people (video below).

We checked in and saw there was a kitchen. We decided to cook something together for dinner because we both hadn’t cooked in so long and really missed it.

We left to get lunch— I wasn’t really hungry even though it was already 2 pm. We got some laddu (lentil patties) from next door and then walked to a viewpoint that we meant to do last time we were here but never did.

On the way to the viewpoint, we saw birds eating something. It looked like a doll, but then I realized it was a baby monkey. But its whole body was gone and there was just its head leftover. And the birds were eating its eyes. ITS EYES. It was so horrifying, I started screaming and running away. I couldn’t breathe and almost puked. It was so gross and so sad.

The birds were doing the same thing to a fish the other day, but that didn’t affect me as much as this did. I think it’s because the monkey looked like a human baby. My god, that was traumatizing. Birds are ruthless.

The viewpoint was crowded and not so special. A lot of the tourists had come off of huge tour buses. Why would you take a bus to a viewpoint? The way up is half the fun and it makes the whole thing more rewarding.


We spent some time walking along the lake. I saw my first pelican!! They are HUGE! Almost cartoon-ish, they’re so big.

Pelican spotting #1
Pelican spotting #2

Pelican climbing a tree:

We also saw some of the same guys that we had met our first time in Kandy— Kumar, the druggie dude, and the older friendly guy. They didn’t say hi to us, though.

I really needed to pee so I walked into a hotel called Queen’s Hotel and asked one of the staff members if they had a bathroom.

The guy looked at me, and with a smirk, went,

“One thousand rupees.”
One thousand rupees?”

I knew he was just doing that to be an a-hole. God, it pissed me off.
I rolled my eyes and walked away without saying anything.

We walked to the supermarket down the street to pick up some things for dinner— curry paste, pasta, garlic, ginger, and water.

I went to the bathroom next door in the KFC (for free, take that hotel guy!) and then we walked back home.

We picked up mangosteen, rambutan, and some veggies (spinach, onion, carrot, and tomato) on the way home.

I read my book for a bit, and then we started cooking around 6:30.

When we finished cooking, we realized he didn’t make enough sauce. Oops.

The food was pretty good, but I think I should have mixed in some coconut milk with the curry paste to make the sauce creamier. It was too watery.

We watched the Black Museum episode of Black Mirror and it was so freaky. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep after that, but I truly passed out right after. I impress myself sometimes.

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