7/7/18: Bad Mood (Matale, Sri Lanka)

We took our took our time leaving Kandy.

Around 9, we picked up breakfast down the street— just some laddu and triangle roti from a nearby corner store.

The guesthouse owner gave us free ginger tea and mangosteen, how sweet!


Once we were checked out, we walked 10 minutes to the bus stop.

Just as we got to the stop, a bus to Matale rolled up and we got on.

I sat at the very back, and the Sri Lankan guy next to me started talking to me. Upon learning that I’m from the USA, he told me he “loves America.” Well, that’s a first.

He also asked me if I speak Singhalese, which I found puzzling since I was clearly not from Sri Lanka. When I told him no, he then asked me if I could translate. Why would I be able to translate the language if I cannot speak it??!

He continued to ask me questions, but he spoke so softly that I could barely hear him. I really get annoyed when people speak softly like that. Like, can you PLEASE make an effort to talk a bit louder?!? We’re on an old bus with a dying engine!

We got to Matale and then walked to the hotel. It was 25 minutes away. I was dying when we got there.

Once we were settled into the room, I had my leftover fried rice from the night before.

Adrian still needed lunch, so we walked to town to get food.

I was in a bad mood. I think I was just sick of planning all the time and in constant travel mode. I was tired of always looking for the next activity. I just wanted to BE in Sri Lanka and live as a normal person.

But once I told Adrian about this, I kind of got over it. I just needed to talk about it and then I was fine and ready to do whatever.

After lunch, we walked to Food City to pick up water.

We left with a bag of chocolate, coconut milk, cereal, coke, chickpea snacks, ginger cookies. Oh and a water.

This always happens when I go grocery shopping.

We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit. I watched Weiner on Netflix and Adrian fell asleep.

I wanted to find the owner to ask how to get to Knuckles Mountain Range, the reason we came to Matale.

We had originally booked this hotel because we read online that the owner was really helpful, but he was no where to be found.

There was no reception or front desk, so there was no way of contacting anyone. Eventually, I found one of the staff members and asked him if he could help us plan a trip to Knuckles. He called his boss and told us he would come over and help us.

20 minutes later, the owner knocked on our door and walked us through our options. We could take his motorbike to the mountain range and do a couple hikes there. Then the day after, we could go to the lake or waterfalls if we wanted.

With the plan for the next day in place, I felt relieved.

Around 7 we left to get dinner. We walked around town for a while, unable to find somewhere that looked decent.

Finally we found a “hotel” (what they call restaurants here) that had curry options. We ordered vegetable rice and curry and sat down.


We went back and watched the England vs Brazil game on my computer and I went to bed shortly after that.

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