7/5/18: Monkey Ate My Smoothie

We had a relaxed morning and ate breakfast around 9 at the guesthouse in Dambulla.

Coconut treats

At 10:30, we were on our way and got to Kandy around 12:50.

We walked to our guesthouse, Unique Villa, which took about 10 minutes. There were a lot of hills so I was pretty tired by the time we got there.

Once we were settled down in our room, the guesthouse owner brought us free tea and mangosteen. We sat in the chairs outside the room, drinking our tea and eating our fruit.


It was Adrian’s first time trying mangosteen, and he was in love. He even loved them more than my love, rambutan. But it was so nice to see him try something new and really enjoy it.

We walked to town to get lunch. I had bookmarked a veggie place called Balaji Dosai, so we went there.

It was also Adrian’s first dosa! So many firsts today. We both got masala dosa. He loved it— he said it’s one of the top 5 meals he’s had in Asia. I was proud and happy to introduce him to good food.


We walked around the lake and saw so much wildlife even though we were in the middle of a busy city. There were herons, kingfisher, ravens, ravens eating the eyes of dead fish (almost puked seeing it, video below), cormorants, ducks, monkeys, and flying foxes.


The lake

Birds eating the eyes of a dead fish…


When we got back to the city center, one guy with missing teeth told us to follow him to see the cultural dance program happening later that night. He told us it was on Wednesdays only, so tonight was our only chance to see it. We told him no thank you, and eventually he left us alone.

A few minutes later, another guy approached us saying the same thing.

“No thank you,” I told him.

He looked at me blankly. And then, as if I was invisible, asked Adrian again if he wanted to go.
After a few no’s, he actually got mad and muttered something under his breath as he walked away.

Another guy walked up to us and tried to bond with us by saying, “Those guys that tried to talk to you are a little bit crazy.” He asked us where we’re from and then started talking to us for a while about Sri Lanka, Germany, Japan, etc.
I kept waiting for him to drop his sales pitch: he had to be either a tuk-tuk driver, taxi driver, restaurant owner, hotel owner, something. But he never did anything like that. He just wanted to talk to us.

After about 10 minutes of talking, we told him we wanted to walk over to the royal park so we went our separate ways.

A few hundred meters away, another guy approached us and asked us where we’re from. Then he started telling us about this hippie party at a beach town in eastern Sri Lanka and how it’s fun but that the tourists do too many drugs. Then he asked Adrian what drugs he’s done, and was particularly interested in ketamine. He was super fidgety and anxious, so he might have been on something. But he was still super friendly and nice, so we kept talking to him. He asked us to meet him for a beer at a local bar around 6 pm. We couldn’t say no, so we got his number and told him we’d let him know if we wanted to meet him.

We walked to the park determined to not be distracted by random strangers again. It would take us hours if we kept this rate.

One guy complimented Adrian on his tattoo at the street crossing, but Adrian managed to just say thank you and not get drawn into another 15 minute convo.

It’s crazy how no one talks to girls here. The men only talk to Adrian, and no women talk to either gender. It happens in other countries too, but it seems to be extreme here.

The park was so weird. It was filled with couples, all holding umbrellas to hide under as they kissed. It was sweet but also very bizarre. It was literally only couples in the entire park.

We quickly walked through and then got the eff out.

We saw monkeys just outside the park cleaning each other. As Adrian was taking a photo of them, another guy approached us and asked us where we’re from, doing the usual convo thing. Then he told us about his Airbnb and showed us a bunch of photos.

Then we ran into the guy who had complimented Adrian’s tattoo earlier. He told us, “welcome to my city,” and recommended that we go to the viewpoint.

Everyone here is so friendly (mostly to Adrian).

We walked around town for a while, just wandering.

We ran into the nice old guy again and he told us we should go to the cultural dance. Why does everyone and their mother want us to go to this damn cultural dance??! It can’t be THAT amazing.

Monk party


We found somewhere with fruit smoothies, got them to go, and then sat on a bench by the lake to enjoy them.

I didn’t like mine because they put a bunch of sugar in it, which made it taste weird.

I had the cup next to me on the bench and a monkey came and stole it. He tried to drink it by reaching his hand into the cup and pouring it into his mouth with his hand, which wasn’t very efficient. Eventually he just poured the rest of it on the ground and licked it from the ground.

Trying to eat my smoothie


We had a choice to make: go home and do exercises, or find a bar somewhere and have a drink. We did heads or tails because we were so indecisive. Heads was bar, tails was home.

Adrian flipped it. It landed on heads.

So off to Slightly Chilled we headed.

It was a big bar in an old industrial building. Every single person was a white tourist.

We got a seat by the terrace and ordered one of their very expensive drinks. A beer was 600 rupees, the same price as a cocktail.

I got a Tiger beer and, once that was finished, a gin fizz. I was drunk after the 2 drinks.

We figured we could get dinner from a restaurant on the way home since it was only 9. But everything was closed.

We managed to find one place that was on the verge of closing but was luckily still serving food.

We got 4 roti, daal, and then the restaurant threw in some freebies: sweet dosa and potato curry. I think they did that because it was going to go to waste anyway.

We went back home after, ate our food (which was a lot), and went to bed. So much bread today.

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