#86: Getting Through Life Transitions (with Amanda Schaible)

Amanda is BACK on the podcast! This time we’re chatting from our little green jungle pod in Malaysia.

Amanda is originally from LA, but moved to NYC two years ago to pursue a career in the food world. She’s a passionate vegan, data analyst, committed foodie, and one of the smartest people I know. Now she’s going through a bit of a life transition as she heads to business school– but not before a few months of backpacking through Asia first.

I also share a personal life announcement at the end, so stick around for that! :)

Some of what we talk about…

  • Grad school stress
  • Feeling FOMO while traveling
  • Why she wants to go to business school
  • Whats it’s like to quit a job
  • Our fears when traveling
  • Being single/dating in NYC

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One thought on “#86: Getting Through Life Transitions (with Amanda Schaible)

  1. It’s interesting to bring up the “Where are you” from question. I say New York because people who hate Americans tend to like New York…. and hate the rest of it, but I’m actually from NY, born and raised. I never say I’m from California even though it feels sooo much more like home. I rarely say the USA, not because I’m used to saying what state I’m from, but usually people will immediately bring up politics, ask me about Trump. If you say NY, they tend to say “Oooo I love NY!” and ask me about Times Square. Sweet episode! When you’ve hit your first bad experience, let me know! I’ll help you through it. I’m so experienced, I should be queen of the raincloud.

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