6/26/18: Running Around Bangkok

Isabeau had to leave for her flight at 7:30, so we all said bye to each other before she got in her cab to the airport.

I went for a run. I did 1 mile warm up, then 2 minutes hard pace followed by 1 minute recovery for 2 miles, then 1 mile cool down, making it 4 miles total. I was feeling really good afterwards. I love speed workouts because they’re generally shorter and make me feel more accomplished.

I had breakfast with Adrian in the hotel cafe: I ordered some toast and ate it with my leftover banana and almond butter, plus some papaya on the side.

I really wanted a coffee, so I went to the market down the street and found a lady selling some from a street stall.

She couldn’t speak much English, so I just said, “coffee,” and pointed at what I wanted: a little sugar, no milk, and some ice.

The coffee was freshly brewed, and for only costing $.40, it was pretty damn good.

I got my laptop and blogged in the hotel cafe until noon.

I woke up Adrian, who had gone back to bed, and we went to May Kaidee for lunch. I was so excited— it’s one of my favorite restaurants and is one of the main reasons why I love going back to Bangkok.

I ordered tom yum soup with noodles.

When the soup arrived, I found a peanut-looking thing so I asked Adrian to eat it and tell me if it was a peanut. He confirmed that it was indeed a peanut. I was already starting to feel a bit queasy and itchy, and I was worried that the whole soup was infused with peanuts. I asked the waitress if the tom yum was made with peanuts.

She said,

“No, tom yum is not usually made with peanuts.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. That’s why I was confused why there was a peanut in my soup. I’m allergic to peanuts though… is there any way you can remake it?”
“There shouldn’t be any peanuts in there. But yes, just to make sure, we will take it back and give you a new one.”

I felt a bit bad for sending it back, but I really didn’t want to spend the afternoon in bed feeling nauseous and uncomfortable.

My second bowl was fine, and I ate it all quite happily.

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I wanted to buy a new pair of flip flops (mine broke in Koh Chang) and some books, so we walked 3 miles to Siam Paragon after lunch.

It was nice to get out and walk around after such a filling meal.

Nevertheless, we were very happy for the AC once we got to the mall. It was a freaking hot day.

I found the Kinokuniya and two books I wanted: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson. I was debating which one I should buy since I didn’t really want to carry around both, but I ended up just buying both because I had been wanting them for a while anyway.

I couldn’t find any reasonable flip flops in the mall so we walked around outside. There were some boutique clothing markets, but I still didn’t see any flip flops that weren’t super glitzy or made of leather.

Waiting for the Grab

I bought some bubble tea instead, and we got a cab back to the hostel. The traffic was horrendous— it took us over an hour to get back.

We relaxed for a few minutes and then left to find somewhere to get a massage.

We walked onto the big boulevard by our hotel, but we didn’t find anything.

After walking around for 40 minutes, we headed toward the river, thinking there might be more there.

Once we got to the road by the river, we found a lot massage places. However, at this point we were both starving so we decided to get something to eat first.

This brought on our next dilemma: where to eat.

We ended up sitting down at a local random restaurant since we didn’t feel like meandering anymore. They didn’t have a lot of vegetarian options, so I just got fried rice. Adrian ordered a pork chop that came with the worst fries ever. You couldn’t even call them fries— they were more like oily bricks. There was absolutely no potato at all, just a rock-hard outer layer and an oily center.

The restaurant 

When we left the restaurant, it was pouring out. We didn’t have any sort of umbrella or jacket, so we quickly walked to the massage place next door. It was too expensive, so we walked a bit farther to the massage place a block away, but that one was even more expensive.

We turned into a little shopping strip down the road and stood under the awning, waiting for the rain to die down.

The rain wasn’t letting up after 10 minutes, so we ran across the street to another massage place we saw. They wouldn’t budge on the price— I wanted 200 baht instead of 250 since I know 200 is the standard price, but they wouldn’t do it. I really didn’t want to pay 50 extra, so we walked away and thought about what to do. This rain was horrible.

We saw a tuk tuk driver nearby, so Adrian ran to see if he would take us back to the hotel. He was willing to do it for 50 baht ($1.50), so we hopped in. I made him stop at the 7 Eleven on the way so I could get a coconut cream popsicle— I really wanted one!

Tuk-tuking back
Caught in the rain and looking fine

Once we were safely back in our room, we turned on the TV and found out there were a ton of movies loaded on to an external hard drive connected to it. We scrolled through the options and decided on Kick Ass since I love it and hadn’t seen it in a while, plus Adrian had never seen it before.

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