6/25/18: Finally Getting Some Protein

Adrian and I had breakfast down in the lobby of our hotel in Bangkok around 10 am. I had some of my leftover rambutan and sweet potato with coffee.

We went back to bed for a bit and got up around noon. I needed to get some batteries for my recorder; I had an interview for the podcast at 2.

When I got home and tried to put the batteries in, I realized I had gotten the wrong ones: I needed AA, but got AAA. Luckily, Adrian had some extra ones that he let me use.

I called a Grab bike to Nourish Cafe, where I would be meeting Tammi for the interview. She just opened Nourish Cafe after helping manage the first one in Yangon with Jojo and Jerome. It’s attached to the BJJ club Bangkok Fight Lab where she trains in MMA and BJJ.

I got there a bit early and was hungry, so I ordered a pita sandwich and coffee.

Bangkok Fight Lab
Nourish cafe
My pita

The interview went really well— I loved learning about Tammi’s story. She grew up in England, starting doing MMA as a teenager, went to Myanmar and loved it so much she decided to move there, and then ended up helping open a vegan cafe there before moving to Bangkok. Stay tuned for the episode!

Leaving the interview
Weird dam I saw on the walk to Theera


After the interview, I walked about 30 minutes to Theera Bakery, which I had bookmarked a few months back because it has vegan baked goods. However, everything was so expensive— the tiniest chocolate cookie was over $2 and the cakes were about $5— so I decided not to get anything. I always feel bad not supporting vegan businesses, but I also don’t think it’s necessary to price the items so high.

I got a Grab bike back to the hostel. Once Adrian and Isabeau were ready, we went down the street to find food for Isabeau since she hadn’t eaten all day.

After she was done eating her fried noodles, we got a Grab to Chinatown.

When we got out of the Grab, a tuk-tuk driver complimented Adrian on his beard, saying that he had been trying to grow his for months but had nothing much to show for it. We all laughed, and he kept talking to us, telling us to go to Riverview Seafood Restaurant where his wife works. He offered to take us around on his tuk-tuk for free, but we declined since we wanted to walk. We also knew that “free” didn’t mean free. He’d prob find some way to charge us, or we would just feel so bad getting a free ride that we’d tip him.

We walked around for a while, starting on the smaller side streets and eventually getting on the big main street. We got a pineapple from a food stall and kept walking, trying to find somewhere to eat. Everything was either too expensive or looked too sketchy.

After about an hour, we eventually stumbled upon a place called Hoon Kuang that looked authentic and also happened to have a lot of vegetarian options. They even had a separate vegetarian menu! Crazy.

Inside Hoon Kuang


I got vegan meat (seitan) with basil, veggies, and flat wide noodles.

It was so good. I had been craving some protein after a few days of absolutely no access to big sources of protein, like soy or beans.


We were all tired from the night before, so after dinner we just got a Grab back home and chilled for the rest of the night. I introduced Adrian to Queer Eye, the revamped Netflix show where 5 gay guys give makeovers for men who need some help. He loved it and we ended up watching a few episodes before bed.

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