6/24/18: Street Fights, Street Food, Street Dancing (Bangkok)

We were woken up at 5:30 by the station management. They needed us to get out of bed so they could convert the beds into normal seats. It was fascinating to watch— they somehow took the bunk beds and turned them into normal train benches, like Transformers.

We watched the sunrise from the train, which was really lovely.

New seats!
Being weird


Dumping out huge bags

We rode by a lot of dilapidated shacks, families waking up and starting their days, and homeless people living next to the tracks.

We got to Bangkok just before 7 am and called a Grab to Kama, our hotel for the next few days.

Once we were at Kama, we had to wait until 8 for the front desk to open. We left our bags in the lobby and walked to the morning market nearby.

As we were exploring it, we suddenly saw two guys starting to fight. It was one young guy and one older guy, punching each other over God knows what. The young guy’s two friends came and started punching the older guy more. It started to get pretty chaotic— there were six people all fighting at one point. There were a couple women trying to break up the fights, but it wasn’t really working. I had no idea what the fight was about, but it was pretty scary to watch. We walked away— I didn’t really want to watch the violence any longer.

I’d never seen a street fight in Asia before, especially at 7:30 am, so that was interesting. I hate how violent and thoughtless men can be sometimes.

Anyway, shortly after that debacle I spotted some steamed sweet potatoes, so of course I had to buy some.


We walked back to Kama, stopping at 7-Eleven for some snacks and coffee on the way.

We ate our food while we waited for reception to be ready.

Right around 8, we were able to check in.

The hotel was super modern and clean, I loved it. The walls were filled with modern photography that you can buy as well.

The lobby
Cool lights


We rested for a bit before leaving for Chatuchak Weekend Market around 11:30.

There was such horrible traffic. At one point, we were literally sitting in one place for 8 minutes. I counted.

We were going so slow that a couple walking their dog kept catching up to us. We could have walked at the same freaking pace as a car!

I noticed a couple walking their dog on the sidewalk. We drove a bit farther and lost them.

We eventually got to the market at 12:45. We were all hungry, so we started off with some food: Isabeau got some seafood balls and I got a grass jelly tea drink. I didn’t think it would have milk in it, but there was definitely some dairy in it. Oh well…

We walked all around, exploring all the different clothing and jewelry stalls. There were some really cool metallic/bright shirts and dresses. I also fell in love with a marble print skirt, but when I tried it on I realized it didn’t really fit me properly so I didn’t buy it.

I needed lunch, so I got a spicy mushroom salad from a random food stall. Ugh, I love mushrooms so much.




And of course, no trip to Chatuchak is complete without some coconut ice cream.

The first stall I went to told me they use real milk when I asked, so I kept walking to find one that was 100% coconut.

A few minutes later, I saw another stall and asked. They told me it was 100% coconut— yay! Plus, this place was 35 baht instead of 60, gave me unlimited toppings, AND it came in a real coconut. Win, win, win.

I chose nata de coco and sticky rice as my toppings. I was skeptical about the rice, but it was actually really good with the ice cream.  Even Adrian, who is a bit more on the picky side, liked it!

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Hello random girl

IMG_5849Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

We got a cab back at 2:30 and then rested for a bit before walking over to Asiatique, a market on the river close to our hostel.

Adrian and Isabeau were a bit hungry so they bought some street garlic toast and ice cream as a late-afternoon snack.

We walked around some more, exploring the harbor and all the little shops of Thai snacks, trinkets, and elephant pants.

The harbor


Getting ice cream
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We stopped by the hostel once more to get ready before going out for the night.

We got a cab to Khao San road, aka backpackers street, aka gross douchey street. I generally don’t like the area, but it’s a good place for partying.

We walked around to find somewhere to eat dinner, and ended up choosing a random Thai place called Porpiang House.


I got green curry, of course. Gotta have it at least once a day!

My heart-shaped rice

We wanted to find somewhere with cheap buckets for Isa since she doesn’t like beer.

After a few minutes of searching, we found a place that was making them for 150 baht ($5).

We got a gin and tonic bucket, and I was tipsy after just that first one.

Bucket selfie

f82bccde-9f68-4686-a1a8-29f57b8e592a (1)IMG_6571

Isa’s friend Ede came and sat with us. He’s been living here for a bit, so he took us to a techno bar called 9 Bar down the street.

Me, Ede, Isa

The Japan vs. Senegal game was on, so we watched that (so glad they tied and are still in it!) and chatted for a bit.

I had a moment of depression when I looked around at my surroundings. There were Thai people holding up “150 baht bucket” signs, desperately trying to get people drunk at their bars. Then there were all these douchey, drunk white people everywhere, being loud and obnoxious. I know I’m a part of it too, so it’s pretty hypocritical of me to be so contemptuous, but it just really made me sad.

I also wasn’t really enjoying the loud bass and bumps of the techno music. I’m not usually a big fan of music without lyrics and generic beats that repeat themselves over and over.

However, eventually my mood changed for the better and I started dancing like my normal self with Isabeau. We were jumping around on the outdoor dance floor, dancing like crazy people and just letting loose. Even Adrian joined in for a bit, and he never dances!

Actual footage of Adrian dancing (and me being psycho) below:

I ended up having a lot of fun— I just needed to relax and appreciate the music for what it was. The DJ ended his set around 2:30, which I guess is the time that most of the bars on Khao San close because the streets were suddenly filled with people going home.

We left sweaty, exhausted, and happy.

We stopped by a roti stand for a late-night snack.I shared a banana roti with Adrian, which was absolutely delicious. It was crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside from the caramelized banana. I wish I could have roti every day, everywhere.


Roti time


I looked around and realized how INSANE the street had gotten. It was completely packed with drunk tourists stumbling around, some finishing their last drinks, while new and old lovers walked around hand-in-hand.


We got a Grab home around 3 am. Khao San road is fun for one night, but once is definitely enough. At least for a few months.

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