6/23/18: Night Train To Bangkok

I started my morning with a long run.

The first 4 miles were pretty uneventful— I just had to get through some hills and fatigue. But then, on my way back from Long Beach to the bungalow, a big black dog saw me from his house and ran full-speed toward me. He showed his teeth and barked really loud at me, ready to attack at any moment. Usually just yelling, “hey!” in a scary voice works to fend off obnoxious dogs, but he just wasn’t having it.
He kept chasing me for a while as I kept running while turning back and yelling, “hey!” Eventually, he stopped chasing me and just growled from afar. It was truly frightening— I was exhausted from all the adrenaline.


The rest of the run was fine. I was paranoid that more dogs would come and chase me, but the others were nice and calm. I finished the 8 miles tired and sweaty, but feeling good and accomplished.

Adrian had already eaten breakfast and gone down to the beach for a swim, so I ate with Isabeau. We got our usual oats and ate them on the terrace.


There were some tiny bugs eating away at a rim of water, left from a water bottle. I thought it was so dumb that they had chosen to eat the rim since there were some bits of oats right next to it.

10 minutes later, I realized that the rim was completely gone. They had cleaned the table! So crazy. Bugs are truly amazing.

Bugs cleaning the table

Isabeau and I got dressed and went down to the beach for one last swim.

It was really nice. I was so grateful to have another day of sunshine and some time to soak it in before we had to leave the island.


Around 11, I went back to the bungalow to shower and relax.

We ordered lunch— I got fried noodles, Isa and Adrian got fried rice— and then we had to get going.

Last lunch


We took motorbike taxis to the pier. We had about 30 minutes until the ferry was scheduled to arrive, so I sat on the steps of the dock and meditated for a bit. It was so nice to just sit there and focus on my breath. I hadn’t meditated in so long, I forgot how nice and relaxing it can be. I really need to pick the habit back up.

On the dock


The ferry came right on time. Unlike the one we took to come to Koh Chang, this one was a fast boat with no extra cargo, so it was a much nicer ride.


Jai, the Kiwi Orchid Guesthouse owner, came to pick us up in Ranong.

She took us to her guesthouse, where we hung out for a couple hours before our bus to Chumphon.

I finally had WiFi after 4 days off the grid. I caught up on some emails, the blog, messaging friends, and Instagram.

At 4, a van came and picked us up.

It took about 2.5 hours to reach Chumphon, a town on the east side of Thailand. From there, we would take the night train to Bangkok.

While we were getting our bags from the back of the van, a woman from a tour agency came and led us to her office. Adrian had been stressed, unsure of how we would get the train tickets since all Jai had given us was a slip of paper saying what time the train was. However, he needn’t have been stressed— this lady simply handed us over the printed train tickets and we were good to go.

We walked down the street to find food. It was 6:30 but our train wasn’t until 9:30, so we had time to kill.

We sat down at a random restaurant that looked decent. I was so happy to be able to eat fruit shakes again!

I ordered fried vegetables with red curry sauce, rice, and a banana & passionfruit smoothie.



The fried veggie dish was honestly one of the spiciest things I’ve ever had in my life. My entire head was on fire, and I even started crying.

Thank God I ordered a smoothie, because I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have anything to help soothe my mouth from the insane heat.

I walked to the nearby 7-Eleven and got another Ete popsicle because 1. I’m addicted, and 2. I’m only in Thailand for a few more days and want to eat as many as I can.


We sat at the restaurant for a bit longer before we walked back over to the train station.

The train arrived around 9:05. We found our seats, which were actually beds, and got comfortable. They gave us fresh pillows and blankets, which was nice. I was worried I’d be sleeping in someone else’s germs all night.


My bed


Once the train started moving, I fell asleep pretty quickly. Yay!

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