6/22/18: Eat, Beach, Repeat

I slept in until 9, so happy to have finally gotten enough sleep after many consecutive days of waking up with sleep debt.

I had oats again for breakfast, this time with watermelon and pineapple.


I desperately needed clean clothes, so I did some laundry in the bungalow bathroom using a bucket and some soap that was given to us on the first day.

We then walked over to Long Beach, the main beach on the island. We swam and laid out for a few hours.

Amazing butterflies!


Long beach


Adrian brought his pistachios that he had bought a few days ago. I decided to try them since I wasn’t sure if I was allergic to them. I always assumed I was since I’m allergic to most nuts, but I wanted to make sure. I ate half of one and didn’t feel any allergic reaction. Maybe I can eat them? I was a bit too afraid to eat more, so I decided to just take it as a good sign and try more later.

Adrian knew of a good German restaurant near the beach, so we walked to the end of the beach to see if it was open. Once we got to the end, however, we realized it was still 3 kilometers away. Given that we weren’t even sure if it would even be open— it’s low season, which means a lot of the businesses are closed— we decided to just walk back to our bungalow for lunch.

Protecting his back lol

Back in our room, we found a scorpion hanging on our mosquito net. Oh, the joys of jungle living. Why on earth would a scorpion want to cling on to our net and terrify us??! Ugh.

By the time we were done with our lunch, it was already 4 pm. How did that happen!??


Fried noodles

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We were thinking about going to the beach, but everyone was too tired and sunburnt to go so we laid around instead

I finished my book, China Rich Girlfriend, and then practiced more German with Adrian.

The book was pretty dumb, to be honest. It was funny in some parts, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it. It’s good if you want an easy, guilty-pleasure-esque read, but you’re not going to get much out of it.

We walked down to the beach for sunset, which was another really beautiful one.


We chilled on the restaurant terrace again, had a beer, and ordered dinner around 8. I got sweet & sour veggies with rice, which were delicious. I love Thai food so much.


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