6/20/18: Low-Key Thailand: Koh Chang Noi

We took our time on this rainy, dreary morning in Ranong. Our ferry to Koh Chang wasn’t until 2, so we had time to spare.

I ordered porridge from Kiwi Orchid’s restaurant, which turned out to be super sweet oats. I couldn’t really finish it, it was so sweet.

My sweet, sweet porridge

Adrian and I finished watching the rest of  Interstellar. I enjoyed it, but it was a bit too long and confusing to me. I felt like I did after I watched Inception– it was conceptually interesting and thought-provoking, but I needed to read the synopsis to truly feel like I understood the entire plot.

Once the rain had died down a bit, I took a walk around the town. I hadn’t seen much of it so far– just the night market and the streets around the guest house.

I found another market about a mile away. I was hungry and wanted to get some lunch, but everything was in Thai so I got overwhelmed and didn’t end up buying anything.



I walked back to the guesthouse and quickly ordered some fried rice.


The guesthouse owner, Jai, drove us to the pier around 1:15. She is a badass– she wore a huge, cowboy-esque fanny pack that seemed like it could fit about 5 guns, and drove this massive van with a Che Guevara bumper sticker.

The Che van

The ferry was crazy– it was basically a cargo ship that also took some people. There was so much food and drink everywhere, we could barely make our way to the seats.

Adrian & Isabeau
Huge bag of rambutans!
Stuff everywhere beneath our feet

Once we got to Koh Chang, it started raining again. Of course.

The Rattana Bungalow owner, Pet, was at the pier to pick us up. He brought along two others so that we each had a motorbike taxi to take us to the bungalow.

We rode about 20 minutes through the jungle and forest, passing only a few houses along the way. There didn’t seem to be many other Thai people, let alone tourists, on the island.

Once we reached a dirt path, we had to get off the bikes and walk a half mile to the bungalow; the road was too muddy from the rain for the bikes.


Once we finally arrived at the bungalow, we were greeted by their dogs and fresh coconut prepared for us by Pet’s wife. It was so nice! Coconuts are always great, but when they’re free, they’re even better.

Welcome coconuts!
Their dog was soooo fat


Isabeau was hungry, so she ordered food after we put our stuff in our rooms.

We wanted to explore around, but a huge storm came in just as we were about to leave so we just stayed in and played Rummikub, an Israeli tile-based game. It was my first time playing, and although it was a bit confusing at first, it was pretty easy to pick up.

Eventually I was hungry so I ordered green curry, which was delicious. God, green curry is so good every time!



After dinner we played Uno and King’s Cup with some rum. It was a really fun, chill night in, laughing together and being silly. I also got to know Isabeau a bit better, which was really nice.


The electricity went out around 10 pm (it’s only on from 6-10 pm every day), so we went to bed around 10:30, praying that tomorrow would be a sunny day.

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