6/19/18: Slow Journey To Koh Chang Noi

I started my 5-mile run along the river in Krabi. About a mile down, the path turned into a big park with tons of people doing their morning exercise– some jogging, some walking, others playing basketball, and still others doing tai-chi.


I rarely get to exercise among others in Asia, so it was really nice to just be with some other morning people.

My workout

I showered and had breakfast with Adrian down the street from the hotel. I got muesli and fruit and asked for no milk or yogurt. The waitress asked if I wanted coconut milk instead, which was so nice. I didn’t even know they had coconut milk, so I really appreciated the fact that she offered it.

We went back, packed up our stuff, and then left for the bus station. Isabeau (Adrian’s friend from home), Adrian, and I were making our way to Koh Chang Noi, a remote island in the Andaman Sea, today.

We got to the bus station and asked for the next bus to Ranong, the town closest to Koh Chang. There was supposed be one at 10, but the next one wasn’t until 12:30.

We had 3 hours to kill, so we sat with Isabeau as she had breakfast. I also blogged for a bit and had lunch, which was a tiny portion of fried noodles.

The bus got going promptly at 12:30. There was AC water dripping everywhere, especially on the seats across from me. The water was pouring down and completely drenching them. Gross.

During the ride, Adrian got an email from the Koh Chang bungalow owner that there was a big storm coming that night, suggesting that we stay in Ranong overnight. The bus ride was taking longer than we had anticipated, and we weren’t even sure if there would still be a ferry to take us to Koh Chang by the time we got there anyway, so we decided to take his advice.

We bookmarked some guest houses to check out once we got to Ranong. One of them, Kiwi Orchid, ended up being just steps away from the bus station. We looked at the rooms– they were super basic but also super cheap at 300 baht ($9) a night, so we took them.

At this point it was 7, so we walked to find some dinner. There was a food market a few minutes away from the guesthouse, so we went over to see if there was anything of intrigue. I found chive dumplings, which I LOVE, so I bought a box of those. Adrian and Isabeau didn’t find anything, so we went back to the guesthouse restaurant. We didn’t feel like wandering around on the dark streets.


Chive dumplings:

I ordered green curry. I let Adrian try some since he had never had it before. He liked it a lot. He said the reason why he never had it was because he always assumed it was the same as red curry. Oh, how wrong he is…


There was a 7 Eleven down the street, so of course I had to go and get an Ete popsicle. They had the black sticky rice flavor! My favorite.

Adrian and I started watching Interstellar on Netflix, but by 11 I was so tired that we paused it and went to bed.

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