6/18/18: Vegan Street Food In Krabi

We woke up around 8 am and went to Khun Niyom for our final meal on Phi Phi.

I had fried rice with green curry, which was, of course, phenomenal. I’m really going to miss this place. Not necessarily the island, but the restaurant.

We checked out of the guest house and walked to the pier to catch the 10:30 am ferry to Krabi.


The ferry left a little late, and we were back in Krabi at 12:30. The terminal was absolute chaos— taxi companies yelling, “TAXI! TAXI!” and shuttle companies yelling, “SHUTTLE BUS!” And then just a lot of people in general.


We got tickets for a shared van to the hotel and had to wait about 15 minutes for the driver.

The shared van was really a minivan, which was nice. The other two guys in the car were Americans, also from NY!

One was from Long Island, the other was living in Murray Hill.
Murray Hill guy told us he works in the film industry in the photography department, and casually mentioned that he just wrapped up a movie with Alec Baldwin and Bruce Willis. Ok, name dropping, much?!

Apparently Alec Baldwin curses a lot, saying “S***!” And “F***!” after bad takes, which I found pretty amusing to imagine.

Just as we pulled into the hotel, the Germans were leaving to get food.

I said hi to them and then checked in. Amanda and I went up to the room to drop our bags off before going to get food ourselves.

I quickly googled places nearby, and found a vegetarian placed called Hong Ming’s nearby.


It was one of our favorite pick-and-choose type places. I got spicy eggplant curry, mushroom tom-yam, and stir-freud greens over a bed of red rice. It also came with an amazing, cozy corn soup that I loved. The whole experience was so lovely, I really liked that place.


We walked back in the rain, stopping to get mango popsicles and fruit on the way. Krabi is a really cute town! I was really enjoying it.


I blogged for a bit when we got back. The rain was looking better, so we put on our shoes to go for a walk around town. Just as we got to the lobby, however, it started down pouring again. We went back to the room and watched Queer Eye on Netflix instead.

Around 5 pm, it was looking ok again so we tried to go for a walk once more.

We just wandered around— we found a temple and two food markets.





At the first one, we tried some soy milk with various tapioca/agar goodies (mine was taro flavored, Amanda’s was black sesame), fried sweet potato balls. I also got a pumpkin tart to eat later. It was cool— the entire pumpkin was roasted and filled with pudding (which I later realized was most likely not vegan) and then the lady just cut the pumpkin directly into slices.

IMG_5049IMG_5050IMG_5057Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I also found a sarong at one of the local shops. I needed one since I had left mine at my hostel in Borneo the week before (they’re really useful for the beach).

Amanda had to leave shortly after we got back to the hotel. She had a flight to Bangkok to catch tonight.

It was so sad saying bye— the past 2 weeks flew. But I’m really excited for her to continue to explore Southeast Asia. She’s going to the Philippines and then Laos next.

Adrian, Isabeau, and I went to dinner at a random restaurant down the street.

My pad see ew was really good— I just love those fat noodles.

We went to Up To You, a bar nearby, to have a beer with the boys. It was the Germans’ last night all together. The three boys were going back to Germany the next day while Isabeau, Adrian, and I had plans of continuing on to Koh Chang the next day.

The boys went to have more drinks at an Irish pub, so Isabeau and I walked back to the hotel together to get some sleep.


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