6/16/18: Caught In A Tropical Storm (Phi Phi)

We got our day started around 9:30 as we walked toward the produce markets for some fruit.

We saw a stand selling various bao, so we bought a black bean one to share. Across the street was a fruit stand that was also selling fried coconut patties, so we bought one of those too.

Coconut patty

We walked over to our favorite “cheap food street” that we had found the day before for some papaya salad.

We ate the coconut patty and bao while we waited for the lady to prepare our papaya salad. The patty was so delicious! Slightly sweet and not too oily. Such a nice texture! The bao was also good, but tasted slightly healthier than the patty and thus not as exciting.

Cheap food street

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Papaya salad lady

The lady placed the big bowl of salad in front of us, and it did not disappoint. It was the best one we’d had thus far in Thailand. Really fresh ingredients and a nice sauce. The others ones we’d had were too acidic and not spicy enough.


On our way back home, it got super windy and it looked like a storm was about to drop.

Once we were back in the hotel, it started pouring. We laid around until the rain subsided.

We wanted to walk to viewpoint 3, which was supposed to be the best of the 3. First we needed to get food to take with us because I knew we would get hungry somewhere along the way.

We went to Only Noodles and got pad Thai and then got going on the hike.


We first had to go through Viewpoint 1, pay the 30 baht entrance fee, and then proceed to Viewpoint 2. We decided to check it out. The view was really nice– I had no idea the island was shaped that way, with a super narrow strip down the center and an untouched area on the other side.


We ate our noodles as we sat on one of the big boulders, taking in the view.

We asked a random guy to take our photo, and he turned out to be an Asian-American from Texas.

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We headed to the final viewpoint, which was a bit more hidden. The trail there was not as clearly marked, so I knew it would be the least crowded of the three.

We got to the top, but there was a restaurant right in front of the view. They were asking for 20 baht, which seemed ridiculous— you shouldn’t have to pay 20 baht just to enter their deck— so we walked around it a bit and found another way to see the view.

To be honest, Viewpoint 2 was at a much better angle. The 3rd one was nice as well, but I liked 2 better.


We then hit the trail to get to Phak Nam Bay, which was supposed to have a nice beach. We had to go back down the trail a bit and then  to turn left at the bottom of the hill instead of going straight, which would have just led us back to Viewpoint 2.

The first part of the trail was ok— just your standard dirt track.

Then we got into less clear territory with plants growing all over the place, making it harder to see the path.


IMG_4809 2
Getting into the jungle

That led into the jungle, where we got bitten by so many mosquitoes. We definitely should have put on bug spray before we left.

It was cool to be in the jungle, though. I didn’t think we would be in such lush nature on a party island like Phi Phi.

30 minutes later, we were finally on Phak Nam Bay. It was less secluded than I thought. There were families and couples everywhere, probably because there was a big resort right on the beach.


We jumped in the water to cool off. We cooled off a bit too much, because we were soon a bit cold. It was really cloudy, so there was no sun to warm us up.


We dried off on the shore, ate our mango that we had bought that morning, and relaxed.

The clouds started to look really dark when we decided to head back around 4.

It was getting really windy, same as this morning, and then it started to rain. We stood under the resort’s restaurant roof for a bit to see if it would pass. The clouds did pass a bit, but it was still looking quite ominous.

We decided to just go for it and get it over with.

I led us through the jungle, going as fast as I could. It was raining at some points, but it wasn’t so bad. And the mosquitoes weren’t around to bite us this time— I guess they don’t like the rain. At least the rain was good for something.

As soon as we got out of the jungle (aka out of cover), it started down pouring. Of course.

We ran/walked the rest of the way. It was really starting to pour down on us now. But the only choice we had was to keep moving forward. Otherwise we’d just be standing around getting more wet.

I <3 Phi Phi… I guess?
Never raining too hard to miss a photo op!

By the time we got back to our hotel, we were soaked.

We took showers, chilled for a bit, and then left for dinner.

We of course went back to our cheap food street. We wanted curry so we looked at all the restaurants on the street, but the only place that had it was the same place we went yesterday (Khun Niyom).

As we waited, the same family we were sitting next to the night before came in and sat down at the same table they were at the night before. Everyone has the same idea! I guess we all can recognize when something is good.

The green curry was so good and really hit the spot on a somewhat cold, gloomy night.


We wanted the Ete ice cream for dessert, but none of the 7 Elevens had it. They only had the knock-off Unilever version, which has milk solids. Ew.

We instead bought some Thai desserts from 7 Eleven: pandan vermicelli in coconut milk and sago with black beans in coconut milk.

Pandan vermicelli (saodarly.com/)
Sago pudding (www.thaifoodandtravel.com)

I also bought popcorn, too. I am such a sucker for it!

It was pouring once again, so it was the perfect night for a chill night in.

We put on an episode of the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix and ate the desserts. The sago was WAY better than the pandan one. I would honestly buy that again.

The popcorn was a bit stale, so that was a disappointment.

Midway through the episode, the power went out. No power meant no internet, so we had to put pause on the episode. I dosed off for a bit. The power was back at 9, so we finished the episode before passing out. I was exhausted.

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