6/15/18: Partying In Phi Phi

I started the day with a slow and steady 5-mile run around northern Koh Lanta. There weren’t too many stray dogs, but there was one big white guy who started barking really aggressively at me… I had to yell “hey!” multiple times in my scary dog-evader voice before he gave up and left me alone.

At breakfast, I had toast with jam and almond butter. They had a couple juices out, including a green one. I decided to try it out, and discovered that it was matcha!! So good.

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We packed up, checked out, and I blogged until a truck came to take us to the ferry to Koh Phi Phi.

We met a German girl named Sandra on the truck. She was traveling for a few months.

We got to the pier, climbed onto the ferry, and left almost immediately. I’ve never not had to wait at least a few minutes, so that was surprising.

We got to Koh Phi Phi about an hour later. The dock was ridiculously crowded. There were so many tourists everywhere, trying to get on and off their boats, it was crazy. 180 degree difference from quiet Koh Lanta.

IMG_2126IMG_4632 2

There were people shouting at their top of their lungs to pay the 20 baht entrance fee to the island. Apparently it’s to help keep it clean. It was so obnoxious, though— they definitely didn’t need to be yelling the way they were.

We walked by so many restaurants and shops on our way to the guest house. There were smoothies, roti, ice cream, pad Thai, Indian food; bikinis, tank tops, snorkels, jewelry. Anything you could possibly need.

Once we were checked in, we dropped off laundry and walked to get lunch. We were starving.

We turned down a side street and sat down at a restaurant that had decent prices, but upon further inspection realized they didn’t have a lot of veg options. Amanda had bookmarked a noodle place called Only Noodles that was coincidentally nearby, so we decided to go there instead. It turned out to be 2 doors down from where we were— I guess our instincts led us to the right street!


The place made only… take a guess… noodles. You can choose what type of noodles and meat you want.

We both got veggie pad Thai with big noodles. It was honestly so good, and so cheap (60 baht or $2). I guess we found our lunch spot for the next 3 days!

IMG_4647 2IMG_4654

Next we had coconut ice cream from a street stand. The lady gave us fresh, cold coconut water as we waited. And we got unlimited toppings!! We piled on corn flakes and sprinkles, and kept adding more as we continued. The combo of crunch and smooth was so good!

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I wanted to buy a new bikini and Amanda wanted a new beer tank, so we walked around.

I went into a couple places but didn’t really find anything good. One place had a bright orange bikini that I liked, but the top was a bit too tight. I considered buying it because I was sick of looking, but ultimately decided to keep walking in case I found something better.

I’m glad I did, because a few minutes later we walked into a store with a bikini that I really liked. It was white with a faint tie-dye print.

There was no dressing room, so I had to change out in the open. I crouched behind one of the clothing racks and quickly got into the bikini. The shopkeeper was super nice and helped me do the straps.

The new bikini

The bikini fit pretty well. Yay! There were also a couple rompers that I wanted to try on, so I crouched back down and got dressed. The lady helped me out again, making sure I was putting them on correctly.

I liked the second one— it was black with geometric prints and a V hem. Amanda liked one of the black tie-dye print dresses, so we got all 3 for a slight discount.

Happy with our finds, we walked back to the hostel to get changed for the beach. I wore my new bikini and romper, Amanda wore her new dress. I felt like a little kid who just got back from the mall and insists on wearing everything new.

We stopped by a smoothie stall and got banana/mango smoothies on the way.


As we were laying out on the beach, I realized that the German girl from the truck ride that morning was lying a few feet from us. I waved at her. She looked confused for a moment but then realized who we were and came over to us to say hi.

I was dying of heat so I went into the water to cool off. The ocean, which looked clear and clean from the beach, was actually filthy and disgusting. There was trash everywhere. It got a bit better the farther out I went, but it was still nasty to know how much trash was in the water.

I picked up some of the trash on my way back to the shore, but I honestly could have spent all afternoon there and I still wouldn’t have gotten all of it. It was endless.

We left pretty soon after that; it was too hot to stay for any longer. We showered and then went to get Thai massages.

It felt really good, especially after that insane bike ride yesterday.

We wanted to watch the sunset somewhere, so we walked to The Only Bar, which faces the ocean and is good for sunset-watching. When we got there, we realized that instead of spending 100 baht on a beer at the bar, we could just buy our own beers from the mini mart and drink them on the beach for half the price.

So we left and did just that. It was definitely the right call. We sat right on the beach, sipping on our Singhas and listening to various mediocre American pop songs as we watched the sun go from yellow to pink to red.


My time lapse of the sunset:



We walked to find dinner. We first looked at the restaurants on the normal touristy street, but we didn’t really find anywhere that we liked. We somehow ended up on the back streets where all the produce markets are, and then stumbled upon a totally nondescript street with lots of cheap local food.

The cheap food street

It was exactly what we wanted, so we happily sat down and ordered— I got fried rice with green curry, Amanda got fried rice with Thai curry. We weren’t sure of the difference, but I guess we’d find out shortly!

The restaurant wasn’t selling beer, so I went across the street to the minimart and bought us two Tigers.

The rice was really good— not too oily and the texture of the tofu was really nice. We made such good food decisions today! I wondered if we’d be able to say the same about our drinking decisions…


We walked back to the touristy area and sat down at Dubliner, which was doing 2-for-1 buckets. We ordered a mojito bucket and asked them to make it with less sugar. The bartender was super attentive and made it exactly how we wanted it. Lots of lime and mint with not as much sugar.


We finished our two buckets and headed to the beach bars. Slinky’s, one of the big ones, had people doing double-dutch for free shots. You just had to jump in, go for as long as you could, and then be rewarded with a free (probably very weak) shot. Only the girls were doing it though, which I found a bit strange.

We walked a bit farther down the beach to another bar called Stones. It was same same but different— same double dutch, same loud EDM music, just a slightly different setting.

Amanda jumping in below…


We walked back to Slinky’s, where they had moved on to limbo. It was the same concept— get through the limbo and get a free shot. I did it a couple times (it was the easiest thing ever). The shots were super sweet and, like I guessed, very weak. But I guess if you just keep doing it over and over you would get pretty buzzed.


Sandra came and met us and we danced for a while.

We left around 12:30 to go home. Once we were back at the guest house, I realized I didn’t have water so I went back out to get some.

On my way home, I saw a guy passed out on the street. I woke up him and asked him if he needed help. He got up but didn’t answer, so I asked him where he was staying. He still didn’t answer and started walking (read: stumbling). I kept trying to talk to him, asking him where his hostel was, but he was totally mute. He kept almost falling and it was pretty scary.

He was walking away from town, so I told him he was probably going the wrong way and tried to turn him around. He instead just lied down on the front porch of the building across the street from my guest house. Another guy (I think Irish) came over and told him to get up, trying to help me help him.

The drunk dude woke up and got pissed that another guy was trying to help him. He got up and started pushing the Irish guy. They started cursing at each other and getting aggressive. I got in between them and told them to just leave each other alone. They wouldn’t listen and just kept yelling and “pushing” each other (it’s hard to effectively push someone when you’re stumbling around).

At one point the Irish guy asked where he was from, and I said, “Ireland, right?” Because he had an Irish accent. He said, “No, I’m from London, b****!” Which made me laugh out loud. Pretty sure he was not from London but OK dude, whatever you say.

I continued to try to intervene and stop the ego-driven nonsense, but it was useless. Their egos just wouldn’t allow for anything less than a fight.

I gave up and went up to my room. I could still hear their dumb arguments from the room, but I don’t think they actually got too physical. The drunk dude could barely stand, let alone fight someone. Boys are so dumb sometimes.

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