6/6/18: Reunited With Amanda!

I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got out of bed around 7 and ate my breakfast: oats and fruit.
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I blogged until 8:30 and then called a Grab to go to Stark Fitness, a gym a few miles away.
Their day pass was 15 ringgit (about $4), so it’s not a bad deal.
I did a BBG workout (week 2 & 4 full body workout) and then stretched for a good bit. I was dying of heat and sweating by the end. It was so nice to get another strength workout in, though. I have gotten so weak.



I decided to walk back instead of taking a Grab, and I took a strange route. I somehow ended up on a winding road in the mountains. It was pretty, but also a bit dangerous because the cars coming toward me couldn’t see me around the corner.
Big mosque I saw
My route


Once I was back at the hostel, I showered & edited an episode of the podcast.
I got lunch at Lieu Chai Vegetarian, a buffet-style vegetarian restaurant in the basement of the mall across the street. These restaurants are the best for a quick, cheap meal.
Lots of yummy options! 
 I wanted to get my nails done, so I went to find one within the mall.
I ended up finding a big bookstore, so I went in and bought China Rich Girlfriend, a novel by the guy who wrote Crazy Rich Asians.
Once that was out of the way, I went back to my mission of finding a nail salon.
I walked into a store called Wendys’ Beauty Centre and asked how much a manicure would cost. The lady, presumably Wendy, told me 25 ringgit. I would have to wait for her manicurist to come.
I waited around 10 minutes until a lady appeared with a small bag.
“Do you want color?”
“Um, yes.”
Who gets a manicure without color??! Other than men…
“Oh. Ok. No color here.”
“You don’t have any nail polish?”
“I will take you to my shop downstairs and you can choose.”
I was then led out of the salon and walked down to the third floor and into a nail salon called Pinkytoes Nail Spa.

I sat down by one of the pedicure stations and was given 3 different boards lined with different nail colors.
I hate this part of getting a manicure. It’s so hard for me to make a decision. Do I want this shade of green? No, it’s too bright. What about that one? No, it won’t look good on my skin. Should I go crazy and get a sparkly one? Or a neon one?
I ultimately decided on a bright turquoise. I have no idea why. I just got sick of scanning through every single row for the fifth time, so I chose the one that I felt the most ok with.
I asked for a regular manicure, but I somehow ended up with gel. I guess the color I chose was a gel one, but it would have been nice if they had told me that, considering they knew I wanted a regular manicure… but it’s ok since it’s only a couple dollars more, and the gel will last way longer anyway.
Back at the hostel, I saw the girl who was sitting next to me at the salon getting something out of her locker. I went up to her and asked if she was just at the nail salon.
She explained to me how she was getting her legs waxed, but didn’t have enough time because they told her it would take an hour and she had to leave for the airport to catch a flight to Kuala Lumpur.
“Oh, you’re flying to KL tonight? So am I!”
“Oh, what time? My flight is at 6:30.”
“Oh, mine’s at 7. It must be the one right after yours.”
She kept alluding to going “back” to Penang, so I asked her if she lives there.
She told me she was working there as a marketer for a while, but that her job just ended so she’s looking for her next gig.
We chatted for a bit more about Malaysia. She had to pack and get ready to go, so I got her WhatsApp so I could contact her in Malaysia— maybe she can show Amanda & I around Penang!
I got a Grab to airport around 5. There was so much traffic, which made me nervous. I really didn’t want to miss my flight.
I arrived at the airport at 5:40 and was at the gate by 6… I always stress for nothing.
The plane left right on time. Yay! I ate my dinner, which I had grabbed earlier at the mall food court, on the plane.
We landed at 9:30, a little bit ahead of schedule. I waited for Amanda at the arrival lobby— she was scheduled to land 30 minutes after me.
She came out of the arrivals gate at 10:30, and it was so nice to see her! I hadn’t seen a familiar face in so long.
We got to our hostel at midnight— the airport is super far from downtown KL.
First we went to Step Inn, where we thought we had made a reservation, but they didn’t have our booking info. The receptionist asked if we booked at Step Inn Too. Amanda checked on her phone, and we discovered that we did indeed book at the other place.
The vibe at Step Inn Too was a world’s away from that of Step Inn. There was no one at Step Inn, but TONS of people hanging around, each with two big beers in their hands, at Step Inn Too. I did not realize that we had booked a party hostel.
Amanda & I went downstairs for a beer after dropping our stuff off in our room.
We chatted outside on the street with the others— we met a 20-year old Dutch guy, a couple Germans, and a couple Americans.
The hostel was on a really quiet side street, so we had the entire area to ourselves. It was actually really cool!
They had a beer pong table set up on the far side of the street, so Amanda & I played a couple rounds.
We did pretty well each time, getting down to the final cup, but we didn’t manage to get the last one before the other teams so we lost every game. Oops.
The beer pong table
We went to bed around 2:30. I was so freaking tired by that point.

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