6/5/18: Gross Beach & Great Vegan Food (Borneo)

I woke up for another run. I haven’t really done too many runs twice in a row during my travels, but today I felt like it.

I did the same route as yesterday, just a big longer. I wish I started out a bit earlier though, because the sun was killing me on the second half.



I showered and ate breakfast— oatmeal and fruit— and headed out to Nook Cafe to catch up on the blog.


Last week when I was in Kota Kinabalu it was super cloudy and rainy, but this week it’s been really nice. I’m grateful for it, but it also means that there is way more sweat involved. I died on my way to the cafe.

I loved the atmosphere of Nook. It’s super modern, clean, and has fast WiFi that makes it good for working. My adaptor wasn’t fitting into the wall, so the cashier graciously let me borrow his so I could charge my laptop.

I left around noon to get lunch at Vege Garden, a vegetarian place I had saved as somwhere I wanted to go.

It’s a super casual, small restaurant where you get a plate of rice and pick which sides you want.

I got spinach, curry, cauliflower/broccoli, and tofu.


The owner was so nice to me: he told me the total was 7.5 ringgit, but then told me not to bother getting out the extra .50. I’m not sure why he was so kind, but I appreciated it.

After I dropped my laptop off at the hostel and got changed into my bikini, I called a Grab to take me to Tanjung Aru beach, a local beach about 10 minutes away.

It was not the nicest. There was garbage all over, and not a lot of areas to lay out.


So much trash

The good thing about it was that there was hardly anyone there, so whatever spot I chose would be pretty secluded.

After laying out for a bit, I decided to get in the water. It was SUPER warm… almost too warm. I actually felt more gross coming out of it than I did going in.

My spot


I got bored after a while (I’m really bad at lying around and relaxing), so I decided to walk back to town.

It was 3 miles away, so it would take me about an hour.

I took my time, walking into shops that seemed interesting along the way.

I went to a mall near my hostel called Centre Point to try to find a phone case. This mall was HUGE, and had so many phone shops. It was kind of insane. The entire ground floor was a labyrinth of electronic stores, phone repair shops, phone accessory stores, and some food stalls. I was overwhelmed. I eventually bought a very stereotypically Asian phone case that had a bunch of cutesy cartoons. I really like it though!

A phone shop selling clothes… so bizarre
My new case

I was surprised how crowded the mall was, considering it’s Ramadan. I can’t imagine shopping while fasting. They can’t even drink water!

I bought some bubble tea before heading home. I was really tired from all the walking and moving about.

I felt bad waving around my bubble tea in front of everyone fasting, so I tried not to drink it until I got home.

I was hungry by 6:30, so I went to Jothy’s Fish Head Curry for dinner. I know it doesn’t sound the most veg-friendly, but it’s an Indian place so I knew they would have vegetarian options.

I got the banana leaf rice with veggies. 10 minutes later, an Indian man with a huge set of tin cans appeared. He laid out a flat banana leaf and started scooping out different types of vegetables. I was very confused. I’d never seen a meal presented in this way before.

He left, and I was unsure if he would return with more. The meal didn’t quite look complete.

2 minutes later he returned with a bowl of rice and another tin can. He placed the rice down and then poured a thin curry all over it.


I ate it all, no leftovers. Honestly, Indian food is the best. Period. It just never ceases to amaze. I thought I had tried it all, but no. This crazy banana leaf meal appears in my life.

I watched Terrace House in my bed for a couple hours and then went to bed. Sometimes you gotta Netflix & chill, even when you’re traveling…

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