#83: My Study Abroad Experience In Prague

4 years ago, I ventured out to Europe for the first time to study abroad in Prague. I’ve never publicly talked about my experience before, so here you are! My honest account of my semester abroad.

Some topics I cover:

  • Why I chose Prague
  • Falling out with my roomie
  • My obsession with calorie counting
  • Breaking up with my boyfriend
  • Struggling to make friends

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SHOW NOTES: People/places/things mentioned in episode

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Post 6 mile run… #crosseyed #inpain

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From Prague Castle
At Bukowski’s <3
In Berlin!
John Lennon Wall
Free SANGRIAAA @ Bukowski’s
I fell in love with Leffe
The roomies! Kate, Lucie, me, Megan, Cassie

3 thoughts on “#83: My Study Abroad Experience In Prague

  1. I was not a huge fan of Cafe Louvre, but the top of my list: Meet Factory, Cross Club, Tlusta Koala, and that underground cave bar a couple blocks northeast of Cafe Louvre (do you remember the name of it?)

    1. Haha omg I forgot that we met in Prague for a second. I never went to meet factory or tlusta koala!! I think the bar you’re thinking of is u Sudu? I loved that place. Slightly offended that you didn’t like cafe louvre!!!

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