5/19/18: Bali’s Best Food/Drink Deal

I went for a run on the beach this morning. My plan was to do 8 miles as I usually do for my weekend long runs.

I started near my hostel in Legian, Borough Capsule Hostel, went 2 miles north to Seminyak, and then came back down. By the time I was back at my beach, I had done 5 miles and I was already dying. I decided to run on the main road for a bit to see how I felt. I knew it would be easier than running on the sand, and was hoping I would have more energy.


It was indeed easier, but I was still really tired and dehydrated. I need to start bringing water with me on my runs.

I made it to 8 miles and was proud of myself for pushing beyond my perceived limits.

I got back, packed up, showered, and went upstairs to the roof for breakfast.

As I was fixing my toast, I saw a girl who I recognized. Was it Ubud? Lombok? Senur? Where did I know her from?

Then she asked me if I had stayed at a hostel in Ubud. Aha! That’s how I know her. From Pillow Inn.

I told her yeah, and that I had recognized her too but couldn’t place where.

I plated my toast and sat on the pool stairs since all the tables were taken.

The girl from Ubud was sitting at a table with a friend and they invited me to sit with them.

They’re both from York, England, and were going home in a few days. Their names are Hannah and Bonnie, and they were both pretty cool. They had plans to go to the Sky Garden later that day to take advantage of their unlimited food and drink special, and I told them I’d join them. It sounded fun!

I left to meet Liat at Divine Earth for part 2 of our interview since it was cut short yesterday.

I got there, set up the podcast equipment, and checked my email.

Liat’s assistant Natalia had emailed me an hour earlier to let me know Liat had to reschedule, but I hadn’t seen it until now. It was all good, though— we rescheduled, and I could use the time to hang out downstairs and work instead.

I ordered a coconut milk latte, opened up my laptop, and worked on the blog.

Around noon, I met up with Natalia, who had invited me for brunch at Earth Cafe.

I found her upstairs at the office with another girl named Daniella, who was helping Liat organize the Bali Vegan Festival.

We went down, sat at a table in the corner, and looked through the menu. I had a really hard time deciding what I wanted. Salad or sandwich? Or what about a wrap? And the burgers sound so good too…

Ultimately I decided on the planet platter, which is a macriobiotic plate that changes daily. It includes brown rice, 2 protein dishes, seaweed salad, pickled salad, and greens. I figured that would be a good debut meal at Earth Cafe since Liat is all about macrobiotic eating.

I was right— it was delicious. There may have been a few nuts in it though, because I felt a bit queasy after.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_1632

Daniella, Natalia, and I talked for 3 hours at that table. We’re all 24 and all sort of going through the same things, so it was really nice to chat. Natalia and I have a lot in common too because we both went to international school and is mixed race like me.

I finally left the restaurant around 3 and walked back to my old hostel to get my bags.

On my way home, the allergy symptoms continued. I still felt queasy, my head was itchy, I had random itches on my arms and legs, and I started to sneeze a bit. I couldn’t tell if it was my mind causing these symptoms or if I was actually having a reaction. I started to panic a bit— I didn’t want it to become another emergency room scenario like in NY where I had to lie in a hospital bed for 5 hours and then pay $1500 in medical bills.

Once I got to my hostel, I took some allergy medicine and ordered a Grab car to take me to my new hostel, Eco-Living Hostel. The first car canceled on me, so I ordered a new one. The second one said it was 10 minutes away but then was still stuck in the same place 20 minutes later, so I canceled. Then the same thing happened with the next car. I gave up and switched to Grab bike instead, hoping that would be easier.

While I was waiting for the bike, Hannah and Bonnie came down. They were about to leave to go to Sky Garden. I told them I’d meet them there since I had to drop off my stuff at the hostel. To be honest, I really wasn’t sure if I’d even make it to the club. I couldn’t imagine dancing or eating or drinking in my current nutty state.

Success! The bike actually came. An hour after my initial booking. Jesus.

It took about 10 minutes to get to my hostel. I checked in and laid on my bed for 30 minutes, managing to doze off a bit. When I woke up, I was feeling hungry but still not 100% better. I went to the bathroom, and after that I felt like a new person. I was suddenly well again, and was determined and actually really excited to go to Sky Garden. My wifi wasn’t working so I had no way of contacting Bonnie or Hannah, but I assumed they were already there.

I went down to the lobby to call a Grab, but the wifi still didn’t work. The receptionist offered to call one for me, which was really nice of her.

The bike appeared a few minutes later, and I was off.

Once I was at Sky Garden, I tried again to contact Bonnie to see if they were there yet. I didn’t want to go in, not find them, and just stand around awkwardly by myself.

However, my wifi still wasn’t working. My phone has been super wonky lately and it’s really annoying.

I decided to just go in anyway, figuring I could just make new friends if they weren’t there yet.

I found them sitting at the bar. Thank god!

I went into the drinks line and got 2 beers. This place is crazy. For 100,000 IDR ($7), you get unlimited drinks and food from 5-9. And it’s not gross, watered down drinks. It’s Iceland vodka with whatever mixer you want, or you can get set cocktails like sex on the beach. PLUS they have Heineken and other pretty decent brands of beer. PLUS, they let you get 2 drinks at a time so you don’t have to queue up as often. Insane! Almost too good to be true.

The food was really good too. There’s a huge salad bar with all the veggies you could ever want, plus rice, bread, potatoes, and beans. They also had a big dessert table with a bunch of different cakes and pies, plus some fruit. I really couldn’t believe it.

Bad pic of my first plate of food…

While we were eating and drinking, I looked at the drinks menu that was at the table. The price list was crazy— one beer was 50,000 IDR. That’s already half the price of what we paid. I guess that’s how they make their money back….? I got a few more drinks before the unlimited drinks ended at 9.

I could tell people were getting quite drunk by this point— there was a lot of singing/chanting and boys finally finding the courage to approach the girls they had been eyeing in their more sober state. It’s a bit sad how we rely on alcohol to talk to people we are interested in.

I wish I took more pictures, but all I have is this video I took…


Hannah was feeling a bit sick, so Bonnie and I ordered a Grab and took her home. We told our driver to wait in the car while we dropped her off.

We got back in the car and were back at Sky Garden in 10 minutes.

I was a bit hungry when we were back in the club, so I got some food from the buffet since it was still open.

The rest of the night was really fun. The music was a mix of hip hop/pop, aka my favorite sort of music to dance to. Bonnie was a really good dancing buddy— we both dance pretty insanely and don’t hold back at all. I love people like that.  And whenever we got thirsty, we would just go to the dessert bar and grab a couple slices of watermelon– amazing! 

I also seem to attract (or just find) other crazy dancers because every time I go to clubs I always end up in some crazy dance circle where people take turns dancing in the center and just going wild. I seriously love it.

We headed home around 12:30. I got a Grab bike, and was in bed by 1 am.

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