5/18/18: Bad Curry

I went up to the roof of my hostel, Borough Capsule Hostel, for breakfast around 6:45, but no one was there yet.

I sat down and started blogging, figuring someone would come up sooner or later.

View from the roof


Around 5 minutes later, a lady showed up and started setting up the breakfast.

It was toast with jam, butter, or chocolate spread, and fruit.

The “jam” was the most disgusting thing ever. It was basically artificial spread the was pretending to be jam. I swear it wasn’t even food.

I opted for the chocolate spread, which was probably really unhealthy but honestly it was the lesser of two evils.

At least they gave us whole grain bread, instead of the usual gross sweet white bread they give you at most free breakfasts.

I blogged for a few hours— I was done by 9, and finally caught up on everything! Woo!!

I walked to Seminyak to meet with Liat, nutritionist and founder of Down To Earth Bali, which is the umbrella company for several macrobiotic/vegan restaurants all over Bali. She would be my next guest on the No Bull Podcast.

It was going really well, but we had to stop midway through the interview due to a business emergency, and rescheduled to continue the next day.

I went to lunch at a local place called Rumah Makan Gadang, one of those warungs where you point at what you want and fill your plate. I got eggplant, tempeh, curried cabbage, and greens. So good and only $1!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I swear the way they keep the tourists out of these places is by making everything super spicy. I didn’t even need extra sambal (chili sauce) because the food itself was already really spicy.

I went to the beach, planning on finding Anne, but I couldn’t find her so I laid out alone.

I really don’t like Bali. At least not Southern Bali. It’s so boring and everyone is just drunk all the time. Also everyone is white. I can’t even find a freaking fruit market. I really can’t stand it. I need to get out of here. As soon as I’m done with the podcast interviews, I’m out.

The beach


I went back to the hostel, got my laptop, and went to a cafe nearby. I worked on the podcast a little and watched Survivor.

Anne was in the room when I got back. She showered while I researched good places to go for dinner. It was me and Anne’s last night together so we wanted to go somewhere nice. I bookmarked Fat Bowl, a contemporary Asian-fusion place 10 minutes down the street.

We walked in and sat at a long, high table. I ordered a mojito and then contemplated my meal options. There were about 4 vegetarian options out of the 20-page menu, and maybe 2 of those were vegan. I opted for the green curry.

The food came, and for 85,000 IDR ($6), I was expecting something better. The curry sauce was way too thick and had little flavor, the eggplant wasn’t cooked, and the tofu to veggie ratio was way off; there was too much tofu and way too few veggies.


At least the mojito was good.

The bill came out to 180,000 IDR ($13) each, which is a LOT for me. I think it’s the most I’ve spent on a meal in a long time.

We went back to the hostel and I booked my flights to Borneo and Malaysia. Since my visa for Indonesia expires on June 1, I decided to spend a week in Borneo before meeting up with Amanda in Malaysia on June 6. I’m so excited to see Amanda, ah!!

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