5/15/18: The Vegan Line Getting Blurrier

I woke up at 7:30 to the sounds of children talking at our homestay, Sawe Homestay.

I amazingly fell asleep pretty quickly the night before, even though our room was quite hot. I usually have a really hard time falling asleep when it’s hot.

I went outside to our little patio and one of the homestay staff members came over to ask if we wanted breakfast: it was either a banana pancake or omelette. I know the pancake was probably made with egg, but I got it anyway because it saves me money.
I ate pancakes all weekend too on the Mt. Rinjani hike. That was understandable, since it was my only choice of food and I needed to eat, but I’m not sure how I’m feeling about continuing to eat them. I know I don’t HAVE to have the pancake and can get something else on my own, but somehow I don’t feel bad eating it.
But then what’s the difference between eating the pancake and eating the omelette? Both have eggs. The fact that I still feel like I need to defend myself means there is probably some cognitive dissonance.

I worked on the blog all morning. I had so much catching up to do after 3 days without internet! And I still didn’t get through it all.

Anne left around 10 to check out the town and beach, and came back an hour later. She wasn’t really feeling Kuta because it was cloudy and busy, plus she had a cold.

We walked to get lunch around 12:30. It was getting sunny finally!

I actually really liked the town. It’s cute and quiet at some parts, and you can tell it’s growing but still not at Bali level. It’s ike the chill Canggu.

We walked around, trying to find somewhere to eat that looked good and had some customers. We finally chose Ketapang. I got curry— you know, the usual.


While we were eating, there was a cat that was meowing like crazy the whole time. She was SO hungry and we felt a bit bad (and wanted her to stop meowing), so we gave her Anne’s eggs.

I’m not really sure if cats can eat eggs, but I really hope so…

We walked a few minutes down to the beach. There were so many locals and families around, hanging out and having picnics. I wasn’t not sure why it was so busy on a weekday, but we guessed it was maybe for Ramadan.

Kuta beach


A bunch of people asked Anne for a selfie, but she said no thank you to each of them . It sucks because it’s awkward saying no, but I understand why you also wouldn’t want your photo all over random people’s Facebooks and Instagrams and whatnot. That is something I’ll never go through… I look too much like a local.


We laid on beach for a while. There were so many ladies selling scarves. One would come, we’d say no thank you, another would come with the exact same scarves and we’d say no thank you, and this repeated every 10 minutes.

I don’t understand why they all sell the same thing. It doesn’t make any economical sense.

I got hot, so I went into the ocean to cool off. It was too shallow to swim, so I just sat and gazed out into the sea for a while. I closed my eyes and meditated— it was my first time in months, and I didn’t really know what to do since I always did guided meditations with the Headspace app.
I just counted my breaths 1 to 10, over and over until I felt enough time had passed. It was pretty successful— when I brought my focus back to my surroundings, I realized I hadn’t even noticed the construction sounds in the background because I was so immersed in my meditation.
I opened my eyes, and it was incredible to go from complete darkness to the vastness of the ocean, so blue and wide. I took a couple moments to breathe, take it all in, and appreciate the moment.

Anne caught me meditating


Once we were dried off and ready to go, we walked up the main road to Kenza’s for a mid-afternoon treat. I got a cacao banana smoothie that was amazing (and amazingly expensive). It was like a chocolate milkshake. I loved the little bits of cacao on top.


Anne loves her capps

We went back to the hostel to book a hostel for Bali, where we would both be traveling to in two days.

We left for dinner around 7 with the plan of going to The Bus, which had good reviews online. However, as we approached it, we realized it was closed. We went across the street to Warung Aldi instead.

I ordered a veggie pizza and asked for no cheese. I didn’t see the waitress write down the “no cheese” part, so I went up to her after to make sure she knew I said no cheese. She nodded yes, so I believed her and went back. Anne pointed out that people always nod yes even when they don’t understand, which I know is true. I got paranoid, but I didn’t want to be annoying so I just gave her the benefit of the doubt.

There were so many boys coming in to sell bracelets in the restaurant. It was the same thing as the scarves— they’d come in one by one, every five minutes, selling the same bracelets. We had to say no thank you at least 15 times throughout the 2 hours we were there. It was annoying, 1 because they were disturbing our dinner, and 2 because it made me feel bad over and over again…

The pizza came, and… success! No cheese.


I started watching Survivor when we got back to the homestay, and Anne joined me in watching it! Usually people make fun of me for watching the show, but she genuinely enjoyed it so it was really nice.

After that, it was time for bed. The Mt Rinjani recovery continues.

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