5/9/18: Ubud Is Vegan Heaven

I woke up at 7:30 really well-rested.

I got dressed and then went upstairs for yoga on the rooftop. My hostel (Pillow Inn) provides free classes every morning from 8-9, which is really nice.

Our teacher was an Indonesian guy, and he took us through some hatha and vinyasa exercises. It was way more chill than my first class with Langston.

I left to go get breakfast from Black Pearl next door: they had oatmeal for 27k, which is about half the price of the hostel’s breakfast.


I got oatmeal with pineapple and strawberries and worked on the blog. They also had soy lattes, which I was really happy about!

I blogged until about 12:30. For some reason my photos kept uploading really pixel-y, and I was trying to fix it. Super frustrating!!

I dropped off my laptop in my room and walked over to Prima Warung, an all-vegan local restaurant, for lunch.

There was one item on the menu: nasi campur, which comes with a variety of veggies and a side of soup.

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It was all super delicious. My favorite was the “meat” skewers, which I think was made of soy.

I walked back to the hostel and read my book for a bit by the pool.

IMG_0035 2
The hostel pool

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on some new (non-diary) blog posts and catching up on YouTube.

I got hungry around 6, so I left to check out 9 Angels, a hippie-ish cafe where you pay by donation.

The space is quite large, with many different areas to sit. It’s decorated quite eclectically.
I walked down to the buffet area, grabbed a plate, and loaded it up with veggies, tempeh, and rice.

Alleyway to 9 Angels
My plate

I gave my donation, which is done by putting money in a jar on the table, and then walked back.

I didn’t do much for the rest of night— just watched some more YouTube. There was live music going on on the roof, but i didn’t really feel like going up and socializing. I wanted to just relax.

I went to bed around 10 pm.

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