5/7/18: Embracing The Ubud Lifestyle

I went for a short morning run this morning. I wanted to find some trails among the rice patties, so I did a bit of research beforehand. I ran up Jalan Subak Sok Wayah and past Sari Organik, which then led to a smaller trail. I kept running until I hit about 2 miles, and then headed back. It was such an amazing run! I ran super slow, though: about 11 minutes per mile. Whoops!
(Strava is a bit off because at one point I accidentally forgot to resume my workout so it’s missing about half a mile of the run)

Seen on my run




I got back around 7:45, just in time for the hostel’s free yoga class.
I walked up to the roof with my towel, laid it down on the floor, and our instructor introduced himself as Langston from Detroit, MI. An American!

We began promptly at 8 am. The workout was a mix of vinyasa and strength. We did 2 different types of sun salutations, some ab exercises, and stretching.

I really enjoyed it! I think I’m going to try to have our instructor on my podcast because he seems like an interesting guy. In the middle of class, he told us he doesn’t recommend any type of endurance running, and I really want to know why he believes that.

I stuck around for a bit after class and we chatted. He immediately asked me if I was by any chance mixed with Japanese, and I was floored. He is the first person, I think ever, to guess my mix correctly. He said I look Japanese… which I guess I do, but it’s a very specific country so I wouldn’t expect anyone to really know that “look.”

He told me he lived in Japan as an exchange student for a year, and that’s how he knew.

Now I knew I wanted to get him on the podcast with such an interesting background, but he was leaving for Malaysia that day and would be gone for the next few days, so unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to interview him for a bit.

Also, he’s an IG celebrity! He included some of us in his story and tagged us, so I took a look at his profile after class. He’s even verified!! Wowow.

I showered and then left to find breakfast. It took me forever because everything was either too expensive or not open.

I finally decided on Maha. I ordered a fruit salad (20k IDR) and bread, thinking that the bread would be cheap, but it ended up being 25k (almost $2). WTF!

I worked on my blog there for a bit, and then headed down the road to the grocery store. I got some oats, a chocolate bar, and tempeh snacks. A very random collection of food.

I headed toward Siboghana, a small local vegan restaurant, for lunch.

It was a bit hidden– you have to leave the main road and go through a parking lot and an apartment complex to get to it.

Interesting parking lot decor
Entering the restaurant area

I ordered sayur urap and iced ginger tea.

The sayur urap took about an hour to arrive– crazy, considering it’s just stir-fried veggies. I then asked for sambal (chili sauce), which took another 15 minutes.

Sayur urap


My ginger tea came some time after that…

I don’t know if they’re understaffed or what, but the wait time was a bit ridiculous.

As I was getting ready to leave, a random customer came up to me with his empty plate of chili sauce and said, “Thank you.”

A bit confused, I stared at him for a few seconds and then quietly said, “What?”

He then looked at me, got all flustered, and said, “Oh, you don’t work here! So sorry!” And then scurried away embarrassed.

I thought it was hilarious that he thought I was an employee. It’s the first time that’s happened to me since traveling SE Asia.

I walked slowly back, exploring some shops along the way.

Eventually, I was back at my hostel around 3:30.

I decided to sign up for the Mt. Batur sunrise hiking tour for the next morning: the pick-up time was at 2 am, so I was going to have a very early night tonight.

I hung out by the pool and read my new book: Wind/Pinball by Murakami.

I was hungry by 5 pm, so I decided to go shower and change for dinner.

I walked to Dewa Warung, a place I had researched online with good reviews.

I got there around 6:30, ordered my tempeh curry, and proceeded to wait 45 minutes for my food.

I was STARVING by the time it came. I have no idea why mine took so long, because everyone else around me got their food in a more reasonable time.

My lovingly prepared curry

I talked with Adrian for a bit on the phone on my way home, and then immediately got ready for bed as soon as I was back.

I tried to go to bed around 8:30, but people kept coming in and out, turning the lights on and off, and talking with each other, so I think I only slept a couple hours. Oh, the hostel life!!

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