5/1/18: Vegan Buffet In Laos

After packing up our stuff, Adrian and I got breakfast down the street at Veranda (highly recommend Mama’s noodle soup!! So delicious), and headed to the dock to catch the 9:30 boat back to Nong Khiaw.


This boat trip was much better than the one we took on the way up— it wasn’t crowded at all, so I could actually look out and enjoy the views.

In Nong Khiaw, we walked over to Ban Lao Sunset Bungalows, where Falko was staying, so we could all get the same bus to Luang Prabang. However, Falko was still sleeping when we got there, so Adrian and I booked an earlier bus back.

It was around 10:45 at this point, and the receptionist told us we had to leave now to catch the bus. A tuk-tuk came to take us to the bus station, and we were there by 11.

We walked up to the ticket booth and the guy told us the next bus was at noon. We were confused why we were put in such a rush if the bus wasn’t leaving for another hour.

We walked around, trying to find some place that would let us take away a sandwich or something, but we couldn’t find anything. I ended up just buying some rice crackers from a small shop near the bus station.

We waited another hour an a half, and finally got going around 12:30.

We got to Luang Prabang around 3 hours later. Adrian and I took a tuk-tuk to Sakura Hotel, dropped off our stuff, and then went to get smoothies since we were hungry.

We went to my favorite little smoothie place a couple minutes away, but the usual lady wasn’t there. It was someone younger, and much less skilled; my banana and passionfruit smoothie sucked. It was way too ice-y and had no taste.

I got dressed to go for a run. I did 4 miles, and it went really well— I had so much energy. I hate evening runs because I just hate working out during the day, but they always seem to go better since I have more energy from the day’s food.

I showered and went to a vegetarian buffet at the night market alone; Falko and Adrian weren’t as keen on going to a vegetarian buffet as me. I had a bit of trouble figuring out where it was, but eventually I did (it’s down the one side street by Indigo Cafe) and it was pretty good! And very, very cheap— 15,000 kip (1.5 euros) for a big bowl that you can fill with whatever you want. The one thing was that everything was a bit bland and oily.


The food
My bowl

I walked to meet Adrian and Falko at the restaurant that they were eating at. I got a beer as they finished up their meals, and then we left for Utopia Bar. We chilled outside for a while, took some tequila shots to celebrate the end of Adrian’s lease at the restaurant he tried to open last year. I ran into Jessica and Francesco, who I met while trekking in Nong Khiaw, on the way back from the bathroom and we chatted for a bit. I invited them to come drink with Falko, Adrian and I, and then we all left to go bowling once the bar closed.

While we were out on the street trying to gather up a group to share the tuk-tuk with, we met an American from Colorado, a couple of Spaniards, and a Dutch girl. We all went to the bowling alley together.

I guess we got there a bit late, because there was only one lane open. We had 10 people, but only five spots, so we made teams of 2. I partnered up with Adrian. Everyone, sans me, played ridiculously amazing—  I think everyone got about 5 strikes. It was insane and I was legitimately confused. I am convinced that the bowling alley is rigged, and they somehow make it so it’s easier to get a strike. I felt bad that I sucked so much. We ended up placing fourth. Oops.

So bizarre that this is the nightlife “thing” for backpackers in Luang Prabang

We headed back around 2:30. I was really hungry, but there was nothing open. Womp womp.

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