4/19/18: Partying In Vang Vieng

I woke up at 6 and went for an incredibly slow 4 mile run. I was still feeling a bit sick, and couldn’t go any faster than a 10:30 min/mile pace.

I blogged at the hostel for a few hours until Adrian got up, and then we went for breakfast down the street. I got noodle soup because I didn’t feel like typical breakfast food.


I began my hunt for tampons. I went to five or six markets before I finally found them at a random, tiny market that definitely didn’t look like it would sell tampons. I don’t understand why they’re so hard to find here… does no one use them??!

The boys (Adrian, Falko, and Mateus) napped a bit more, so I went down to the pool to read for a bit.

View from my room

I wanted to go to a cave, so I found one near us called Tham Chang and invited the guys to join me.

By the time the boys were ready, the sandwiches we got to go were all packaged up, and the 20-minute walk to the cave was complete, it was already 4 pm.

We ate our food and then walked around the cave. It was big, but it wasn’t really anything special. There were a bunch of lights throughout so you could take a look at all the stalagmites and stalactites and what not, but it didn’t blow me away.

Bridge to cave
Inside cave
View from cave


There was a swimming area just outside the cave, so Adrian and I swam around for a bit. It was pretty cold, but it also felt nice to get in some cool water for a bit. Laos is HOTTTT.

Once we were dried off, we walked back to the hostel, showered, and then went down to the hostel bar for free whiskey at 7.

Around 8, we were all starving so we left to get dinner. We tried to find a German/Thai place called Viman, but we somehow couldn’t find it. It was on the same street as the night market, so maybe it was hidden behind one of the stalls or something, but it was a complete fail.

We went to a different restaurant instead, where I got curry.

As I was sitting, I heard my name being called by someone one table away.

I realized it was Mathilde, a girl I had first met in Don Det (4 Thousand Islands), and then again in Pakse.

I walked over to say hi, and she told me she had heard about my bike accident from other people who had witnessed it. I was confused how anyone saw it without my knowing because nobody came up to me when it happened. I guess they saw me get up and knew that I was fine enough to drive so they didn’t bother coming out to help me.

We all drank a couple more beers at the hostel and then went to Viva Bar.

There were 10 or so people inside the bar, and every single one of them was doing balloons. Every.single.one. It was so bizarre. I was just looking around the room and everyone around me was just sitting down, sucking air in and out of a massive balloon.

We went outside to escape that weird atmosphere, and we stayed out there for a good while just sitting and talking. A huge crowd came around midnight because Viva is one of two bars that stay open past midnight.

We finally headed home around 3 am. The boys got more beers on the way home and we sat up drinking on our patio. I went to bed around 4 am. I’ve stayed out pretty late twice in a week now, which never happens. If I stay up past 11 pm it’s a big deal, so 3/4 pm is insane.

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