4/18/18: Sick In Vang Vieng

I woke up at 6 to go for a run, but while I was in the bathroom I realized how awful I felt, and decided that going for a run was probably a bad idea.

I went back to bed, and around 10 I went to get breakfast with Adrian and a British guy name Joe who I had met the day before on the bus to Vang Vieng. I didn’t have much of an appetite, but figured I should eat something.

I got fruit salad and a coconut shake.

The others were going to go tubing later in the day, but I decided to just stay in the room to sleep and try to get over whatever sickness I had caught.

I spent the rest of the day napping, reading my book (The Kite Runner), and watching Terrace House.

I got hungry around 7 pm and left to get some food. I ran into the boys (Adrian, Falco, and Mateus) on the street— we chatted for a few minutes, they left to go shower, and I went on my way.

I went to Veggie Tables, the only vegetarian place in town. I got noodle soup, which was pretty good and plain enough that it suited my stomach.


I hung out with the others at the pool bar for a while. They drank the free whiskey/vodka that the hostel offers every night from 7-9. Mateus (the Brazilian) offered me a cup, so I had a few sips of whiskey/coke and played King’s Cup with them. Everyone had been drinking since 1 pm and were pretty drunk. It was quite entertaining to watch.

I went back to my room and realized that I had gotten my period– my first one in months. I was really happy to get it. I was getting worried that there was something wrong with me and that I was never going to get it again.

However, I wasn’t prepared at all and needed to find pads/tampons ASAP. Unfortunately, it was 10 pm at this point so there weren’t a lot of shops still open. I managed to find some pads at the Korean mini mart called K-Mart down the street. Crisis averted.

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