4/17/18: A Brazilian, 2 Germans, & An American

I woke up in Vientiane around 9:30 and went downstairs to have breakfast. I ordered a plate of fruit and some bread that I bought on my own.

I blogged for a bit before going to Reunion Cafe for lunch. I got Tom Yam soup, which was just was ok. It wasn’t really authentic and the mock meat was weird.


I went back to my hostel and waited for a tuk tuk to take me to the bus. I had booked the same bus as the three guys I had met the day before, and we were all headed to Vang Vieng together.

The boys were really hungover— they had stayed up drinking until 6 am. I have no idea why they thought that would be a good idea.

We got to Vang Vieng around 6 pm. We walked over to Nana Backpackers, which we heard was really good. They were out of dorms, so us 6 (the 3 boys, me, and 2 more we met on the bus) shared two private rooms. It was only 20,000 kip more than the dorms, so it was a pretty good deal.


We all got dinner at a random restaurant down the street called Ladi. They kept messing up our orders— 4 of us wanted can beers, but they brought out 6 bottles; they told Robbie 30 minutes after he ordered that they didn’t have what he ordered; they gave me beef curry instead of tofu curry.

Not the best meal of my life.

We walked back and some of the others went to the hostel bar for free drinks. Me and Adrian went up to the room because we were tired and didn’t feel like drinking. We watched an episode of Black Mirror together and then I went to bed.

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