4/4/18: Last Day In Siem Reap

I had breakfast at the hostel with my own bread and bananas.

Lately, I’ve been feeling lonely in Siem Reap. I feel like I have no concrete friends to turn to; like I’m just floating around and I have no anchor holding me down. Like I could just float anywhere and no one would be there to hold me down or pull me aside.

Around 10 am, I got a tuk-tuk to Paul’s place to interview him for the podcast (you can listen to the episode here). Paul is one half of the duo behind Vegan Food Quest. He and his wife have been living in Cambodia for the past couple of years, and has a Vegan Villa that he rents out on Airbnb.

I used Grab, but it just took so long— the time between booking it to actually getting in the cab was about 15 minutes. I was almost late for our meeting.

Once I got to Paul’s, we realized there was too much construction noise in the background so we motorbiked over to Jaya River House, a luxury hotel, instead.

We got coffees and sat in the swing chairs outside. We did the podcast and then went to get lunch at Yuan Sheng, a vegetarian restaurant.

We got these amazing Vietnamese crepes called Ban Chao— it was kind of like a dosa, with the big crepe exterior and veggie filing in the center. It came with a huge basket of greens and cabbage, which we used to wrap the crepe in. One of the best meals of my life!


Paul dropped me off at my hostel, where I chilled for a bit before going off to Fat Panda (again) to do some work.

My strawberry & banana smoothie definitely either had a LOT of sugar or condensed milk (and I asked for no milk and sugar), which was really not what I wanted but oh well.

I went back to hostel, laid around for a bit and then got dinner with May, a Danish girl in my dorm.

We went to Vikting House, a local chain. It was huge and quite clean. We were the only tourists there— the menu prices were all in Riel, and that’s how you know it’s local.

Inside Vikting House
My spicy noodle soup 

May and I connected a lot just talking about spirituality and being in the now and our outlook on life. It was so nice to chat with her.

I went to bed quite early— or at least tried to. It was another night of the girl in the bed above me being loud and inconsiderate as she got ready to go out. When she eventually came back from the bars at 4 am she was still being super talkative. Easily the worst dorm mate I’ve had in my travels.

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