4/3/18: How Much I Spent Today As A Backpacker In Cambodia

This is my fourth “how much I spent while traveling” post.

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  • Laundry: $1.20
    • I got my laundry done at a place near my hostel for $.75 per kg.
  • Breakfast at hostel: $.50 (ish)
    • I bought a loaf of bread and a big thing of bananas a few days earlier. They were $1.50 collectively, so this is an estimation of the cost (including some of the coconut butter spread I bought a few weeks ago)
  • Tailor: $3
    • I went to a tailor near my hostel to get my pants fixed. I had ripped them the day before (story here)


  • Coffee at Flock Cafe: $2
    • Fancy cafe in a hotel. I randomly decided to go, and I wouldn’t say it’s anything special.
  • Lunch at Green-Go Garden: $5.50
    • New vegan/vegetarian restaurant with a variety of food, including ravioli, gnocchi, curry, veggie bowls, and pizza.
    • They have VEGAN CHEESE! Made with soy.
    • My ravioli was really good, but not quite filling.
Such a nice interior!
Mushroom ravioli
  • Smoothie at Fat Panda: $1.25
    • Amazing NGO cafe where you pay what you want and they donate 100% of proceeds to the charity of the month. This month’s is Mine Action. So far they’ve raised $1,200.


  • Dinner at Hidden Home Restaurant: $2.50
    • I got Thai-style tofu curry from the restaurant next to the hostel with two dorm mates.
    • REALLY delicious! Spicy, creamy, and a lot of variety of veggies in the soup.
    • This restaurant is owned by a really friendly guy. He will bring you free iced tea and fruit salad as well.


  • Accommodation: $3
    • I am staying at Siem Reap Pub Hostel, which is one of the cheapest places I’ve ever stayed.
    •  It’s also quite clean and comes with a pool, bar, and restaurant.
    • You also get a towel and locker & lock.
TOTAL: $20.45

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