3/31/18: Cambodian Circus Show

I started the morning with a semi-long run of 7 miles. At this point, you already know: it was very, very hot. I got some fresh sugarcane juice afterward– the lady added some orange juice in it too, and it’s a GAME CHANGER!! I can’t believe I’ve been having orange juice-less sugarcane juice until now.

Yet another roundabout in Cambodia
My dream job

I had breakfast and then blogged on the hostel roof.

Three friends who I had met yesterday on the tour– Emily, Katie, and Johanna– came up to the roof so I chatted with them for a bit.

Johanna and I decided to book tickets for The Phare, an acrobatic performance show, for the evening.

I went to lunch at Vegetarian Foods Restaurant, a tiny local hole-in-the-wall place. I ordered a Chinese noodle soup— it was super oily!! But the mock meat looked and tasted shockingly real.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I went back and was blogging in the lobby when Katie and Emily came down again. They were leaving to do a walking architecture tour of the city, using an map they found at the hostel. I ditched the laptop and joined them. The tour was pretty funny— the buildings were categorized as either “interesting” or “unmissable,” but the unmissable ones weren’t particularly amazing.

Chinese temple
A bank. How exciting!
Smokin Pot restaurant… not on the list but needed to document
The post office lol
Governor’s residence
Chinese school
Old French colonial architecture

However, it was a good way to see the city. It’s quite small— we saw it all in about 2 hours.

I went back to the hostel and chilled until I had to meet up with Johanna for the show. There was another girl from our hostel who was also going to the show as well, so we all shared a tuk-tuk.

I hailed down a cab.

“Phare circus? Do you know?”
“Yes, I know.”
“$2 ok?”

OK??! THAT’S IT??! I was all prepared to argue and haggle!! He was too easy.

We arrived around 6:15 and had 45 minutes to kill before the show, so we sat and had a beer.

We headed over to the tent 5 minutes before the start. The performers are students in the professional circus program– once they graduate, they can move onto performing in Siem Reap and around the world.

The show started with a dance performance with a group of six girls, and then the guys came out. There was a mix of acts– acrobatics, comedy, juggling, gymnastics, and stunts. The kids were so cute, funny, and talented.



I do wish that they involved the girls in the more athletic part of the show though– they were only in the dance at the start.

We went back to town and had dinner at Pomme. They had baked sweet potatoes on the menu, so of course I had to get it. It’s exactly the type of thing I used to make in NY, so I was excited. I got the one with mushrooms and caramelized onions.


I think the sweet potatoes had butter— I probably should have asked beforehand. Another “I’m not sure this is 100% vegan but I’m just going to eat it anyway” situation.

My potatoes were pretty good, but it wasn’t enough food so I stopped by the market on the way home to get fruit. I got a whole papaya for $1. I love that they just cut up fruit for you for free here.

Pile of durian


I ate most of the papaya at the hostel while chatting with friends, and then I went to bed.

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