3/29/18: Trying To Be Enlightened (Plus A Hotel Bus)

I woke up to go to yoga at 8:30, but the instructor wasn’t feeling well so the class was canceled.

I had breakfast, read my book (The Power of Now), packed, checked out, and then set off to do one final trek to Clear Water Bay and back before my ferry at 3.

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I was a bit nervous about doing it alone since it does go through the jungle, and some parts of the trek are a bit slippery, but it was fine. I saw plenty of people along the way that even if something did happen to me, someone would have found me and helped me.

Camo tree!
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Jungle selfie



The entire thing took about 2 hours (1 hour there and back). By the time I was back in M’pai Bay it was 1 pm and I was hungry.

I got fried rice from Sunset Bungalows. It was a bit too oily for my liking, but had a decent amount of veggies so I was satisfied.

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I went back to my hostel around 2, read a bit more, and then headed to the pier to catch my ferry.

It was supposed to come at 3, but I ended up waiting until about 4 pm.

In between, I met and chatted with a German girl and finished my book.

This book is INCREDIBLE. I think it has and will continue to change my life. I need to keep re-reading it to really make it stick, though.

Key takeaways from The Power of Now:

  • You are not your mind. You are your body. My whole life I thought of myself as my mind, so this is seriously revolutionary.
  • Whenever you’re waiting– in line, for someone, for a different situation– instead of feeling sorry for yourself or being negative about it, take the opportunity to be intensely present. It can be really rewarding.
  • Whenever you find your unconscious mind (basically anytime you’re not present and thinking about whatever) taking over, tell yourself, “Attention. Here and now.” Like the parrot who was taught to say it in Huxley’s book Island.
  • Accept every moment as it is. Bring no judgment, no resistance. That doesn’t mean do nothing, but it means that your life is not in the past or the future. It is now. Change something if you need to, and if you cannot, surrender to it. Accept it.

We got to Sihanoukville around 5. I had an hour to kill before my pick-up to the bus to Battambang, so I went across the street to a vegan restaurant called Dao of Life. I got a chocolate banana smoothie, which was way too small for $2.50, and a meal to eat on the bus.

I blogged for the next hour. Once I was back in the waiting area, a guy came to take me and a few others to the bus station.

I thought there was going to be a direct bus from Sihanoukville to Battambang, but it turned out there there was just one bus bound for Phnom Penh at 7 that everyone would have to take. Then, we’d all have to change buses at Phnom Penh to get to our respective final destinations.

The bus company, Virak Buntham Express, called ours a “hotel bus,” and it was quite nice– we literally had beds instead of seats. However, they were double beds so I had to share mine with a stranger. Luckily, the girl I was paired with was nice and normal, so it was fine.

Before my bed partner arrived

I ate my dinner on the bus– beet root carrot fritters with salad. It was actually insanely good. I thought the fritters would be fried, but they weren’t, so that was cool. They kind of reminded me of latkes. Yay for healthy meals.

Dinner. I swear it tasted good!

I slept until we got to Phnom Penh, where I got off and waited for my next bus to arrive.

A bus to Bangkok came about 15 minutes later. I asked if it would be stopping at Battambang, and they told me yes, so I got on. I shared a bed with a girl who was already sleeping. She took up so much space, so that was a bit annoying, but ACCEPT THE NOW IF YOU CANT CHANGE IT. RIGHT. SURRENDER. PRACTICE THE BOOK, ANNA.

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