3/28/18: Snorkeling In Koh Rong Samloem

I went for a quick beach run this morning: just 1.5 miles to the end of the beach and back.

After showering and eating, I went back to the beach to lay out and swim until lunch.

I went to Erin’s Kitchen and had a weird creamy curry that I didn’t love. I also got a coconut smoothie, which wasn’t great either. It was pretty much just a big cup of coconut milk.


I went back to the hostel to blog for a bit before my snorkeling tour at 2. A little boy, maybe about 4, came and sat on my lap while I was laying in the hammock. It was so cute! I closed my laptop and taught him how to say the fruit on my laptop cover, then taught him the words for open and close, and taught him how to scroll up and down. I was working on the blog post where I volunteered at a local Cambodian school, and he kept scrolling back up to the picture with the Cambodian kids. He was mesmerized. I also taught him how to adjust the brightness on my laptop. I let him type gibberish for a bit. He loved it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 8.37.26 PM.png
His writing at the bottom! So cute

After a few minutes of that, I closed my laptop because I had to leave to go snorkeling. He said “no,” and opened up my laptop again, turned my brightness all the way down until the screen was black, and then closed the laptop again. I thought it was soooo cute and considerate, and it touched my heart.

When Guy and I got to the meeting area for snorkeling, the guys there told us they weren’t doing the tour that day.

We decided to just snorkel on our own. First we went to one spot right near our hostel, on the west side of the island. I saw some really beautiful and large fish. There were a lot of rainbow fish (just like in that book!!) and some colorful coral. We were in super shallow water, which was cool since we were right by the coral and fish, but also scary because there were so many sea urchins as well. I swear they have eyes! So creepy.

Kids playing on styrofoam rafts… 

Next we went to a different spot, which was right by this hotel/restaurant called The Cliff: we climbed all the way up the hill to the hotel, then went down some stairs that led us to the water. This water was deeper so I wasn’t as worried about touching the coral/sea urchins, and it was amazing. We saw more big fish, green coral, and other creatures that I can’t really identify…

Down the stairs


Once we were satisfied with the snorkeling, we sat on the rocks and just chatted for a while.

On our way back to the hostel, Guy ran into someone who he had met in Otres Village a few days ago. He’s a yoga instructor who came to the island to teach some yoga. I had been looking for yoga, and couldn’t believe there wasn’t any, so this was perfect. He was teaching a class at 5 that day so I decided to join. I got Guy and another girl from my hostel, Lisa, to join.

The class was hatha– it involved a special breathing technique called ujjayi where you sort-of whizz every time you inhale and exhale. The class also included a lot of lengthy poses. It was really hard to hold them for so long. I have lost so much muscle since traveling, it’s quite sad.

I went back, showered, and then Guy and I went back to The Cliff to watch the sunset.

Alas, there was no sunset. Just clouds.

To drink, we got passionfruit mojitos. To eat, I got curry and he got lok lak.

I just laid around and watched season two of Atlanta after dinner. I invited Guy to watch with me— he actually had seen season one of Atlanta already, so that was cool! I didn’t have to explain the premise to him. It took us an exorbitant amount of time to finish the episode because the wifi wasn’t quite good enough to stream, so it would pause every few seconds until it loaded enough to play again.

At this point it was around 11 pm and we were both hungry again, so we went to find food. We grabbed some fresh mango and bananas from the local market.

This dog looked SO sad

When we got back, some people were jamming on the guitar so Guy joined them.

I stuck around for a bit, but eventually I got bored so I went to bed.

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